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Selena Gomez Sings Britney Spears – ‘Hit Me Baby (One More Time)’ At SXSW


And Selena killed it, thank you very much.

After being accused of lip syncing in the movie ‘Spring Breakers‘, Selena and her co-stars Ashley Benson and Rachel Korine proved those smug interviewers a thing or two. Or just one: That Selena can saaaang.


Who’s gonna take Selena’s career by the hair and pull it? Make her scream and come out punching? Maybe a cover of “Violet” by HOLE.



Man, I’d pay cash MONEY to see Selena get dirtied up and yelling, “I told you from the start, just how this would endwhen I get what I want; then I never want it AGAAAAAAAUHHHHN”.  Then she could curse and throw old boyfriends’ names around in some incoherent rant.  Ohhhh…this would be pure heaven.

Photo: ELLE

Who’s with me on this?  Look up there, man.  She could totally werq. It. OUT.

Oh, and Spring Breakers opens April 5th.