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Glee Recap, ‘Pot O’ Gold’


Glee had a long hiatus because of X-Factor and baseball, and usually long breaks does the show good but this episode continued the blah-ness that is permeating this season.

When we last left off, Mercedes quit New Directions and joined Shelby’s new group. So far it’s only her, Sugar Motta and a couple of other kids, but she’s doing her best to court Santana. Santana won’t quit unless Brittany does too, and she needs to keep an eye out for her stupid girlfriend.

Over dinner at Breadstix, Santana talks to Britt about her decision to leave ND and asks about the status of their relationship. Even though she gets Britt to hold hands with her, under a napkin, she never actually says they’re together. Meanwhile, Brittany is flirting with the new student, Rory, played by The Glee Project winner Damian McGinty. She thinks he’s a magical leprechaun and as Finn later points out, she’s too old to be acting that stupid. There is also this whole thing about him granting her wishes and Lucky Charms cereal without the actual cereal, but none of that matters.

As Santana and Brittany join Mercedes in Shelby’s club, the others struggle with trying to put on their production of West Side Story. Sue succeeds in getting funding cut for the arts programs, which prompts Kurt to ask his dad for help. Burt being the awesome dad he is, he gets a couple of funeral homes to donate money and ads for the program. This delivered the only real funny scene of the episode, and Sue’s “I’m literally horny with fear” line.

Because he isn’t afraid of Sue, Will encourages Burt to run for congress but Kurt isn’t too excited. Probably because it has nothing to do with him. Quinn convinces Puck that they need to fight for custody of their baby and plant ridiculous things like baby massacre books and hot sauce around Shelby’s apartment.

Puck realizes that she really does love Beth and the two seem to get a little cozy towards the end. We all know Puck loves older women, and they do love him, but can we avoid this please?

Rory is an odd addition, he’s just there but he has a nice voice. With less girls in the group, hopefully that means Tina will get another solo, without crying. Finn is acting as the voice of reason and apologizes to  Brittany for calling her stupid, or something. I figure eventually he’ll get everyone back together and Rachel will love him and they’ll graduate and live happily ever after. Or something.

Bein’ Green sung by Rory. We don’t know much about Rory, other than the fact that he’s Irish and wears a lot of green. Great writing there guys. Unfortunately, he finds himself being bullied for no reason other than the fact that he’s the new kid. It really ain’t easy being green, but I like Damian’s voice.

Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) sung by New Directions. This number felt out of place, but I guess they have a Katy Perry quota to feel this seeason. Blaine takes it upon himself to cheer up the group with this peppy number. Even though Santana throws a little shade his way, he means well and Blaine takes any chance he can get to dance around.

Waiting For A Girl Like You sung by Puck. I always enjoy a Puck song, especially when it comes from a good place. He helps Shelby calm a fussy Beth by singing to her, the second song he has dedicated to his baby. The guitar magically appeared out of nowhere, unless Puck always has it on hand, but I guess this was a continuing with the “magic” themed ep.

Candyman sung by Mercedes, Santana and Brittany. Mercedes tells Santana that their voices sound great together, and she wasn’t lying. I didn’t enjoy this as much as I should have, but it was good. Not quite feeling the Troubletones just yet, but I’m sure New Directions will have a hard time beating them when they have their first musical showdown.

Take Care of Yourself sung by Rory. I’m not familiar with this Teddy Thompson song, but Rory introduced himself to New Directions in a good way. I didn’t pay much attention to Glee’s competition show, but I can see how this kid won.

Question is, will the other guys in the glee club be able to share the spotlight with him.