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Britney Spears has some stuff no one should know about. Like Ever. Oh, and new Candies ads!

Wow. She looks tremendous. Who IS that?
No, really. Who IS that chick? She's supercute.
I'm only gonna ask ONE MORE TIME. Who the heck IS the darling girl?

Man, I’m funny (in my own head).

You know what? It’s just fine with me that Britney has crap (aka cryptic information) that needs to be hidden away in a hole in the backyard of a trailer park in Malibu, where Pam Anderson is the (ahem) property manager. Can y’all even imagine having your kids’ medical information up for grabs?  What about your own psychiatric records?  Never mind that I pretty much grab the proverbial internet megaphone and blab my sh!t, but that’s another story.

Britney has something that we don’t need to read about. The End.

via TMZ.com

Lawyers for Britney Spears’ conservatorship have made their move to keep confidential “critical information” about Britney and her children.
The information is so sensitive the lawyers note on the open market “The possibility of such enormous profits presents a substantial risk that Ms. Spears’ most confidential medical and personal information will be disclosed.”

So the attorneys want the sensitive info about Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James sealed, and stat.

Still.  It makes me wonder. I KNOW.  I’m just as bad as the rest of the trailer park.

Britney Jean Spears! You cannot go OUT looking like that — especially to the Target!

Jesus wept. Again.

Lookie y’all!   Cooter and Misty are out and about to do some fancy-shoppin’ down at the Target in the CAL-a-basuss on a Sunday morn.

GotDAMNIT, I love Britney (almost) as much as the next gal, but forpitySAKE.  I’d love to think these two dressed this way on purpose so as not to be reccanized, but I fear that wasn’t the case.