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Formal Introduction to David E. – New Contributing Writer For Dipped in Cream!

First, off thanks so much to Dipped in Cream for this opportunity! I’ve written here occasionally as a guest movie reviewer and I’m very excited for the chance to write for them (and to you it’s readers) on a regular basis. So what exactly will I be writing about here at Dipped in Cream, you may ask? Well, a little bit of everything and anything that crops up into my usually, (okay, mostly) sober melon. But if you need me to be little more specific here’s a couple of things that I’m pretty sure I’ll be touching on at some point sooner or later in the coming weeks and months as a regular writer on Dipped in Cream.

Dating, Relationships and the Opposite Sex

I’m in my late 30’s and as a divorced (for almost three years) father of two kids steadily closing in on “middle age”, I can easily say that the dating scene today is an effing jungle! My marriage lasted for almost a decade and to say the time I spent as a single person before I got married as compared to being single now is like night and day is a gross understatement and we’ll get into how and why (or maybe how and why not if you feel differently) in future entries.

Parenting in Public

When I see parents doing stupid things with and to there children IN PUBLIC but then act like nothing’s wrong when people notice it like say taking your small children to a blood and gore infested R-rated movie like I saw last year while watching Immortals (which I reviewed for Dipped in Cream), you deserve to be talked about. Or like the dad who was screaming at his 4 or 5 year old kid to run like he was trying out for the Olympics at a 5k race I attended two months ago… YOU deserved to get talked about.

But don’t worry, I will also relate the good things I see parents do in public as well, because as a parent I can easily speak for all of us and say we need as much support and encouragement as we can get.


I will continue to post reviews for any mainstream film I’m looking for to seeing like Lawless or Skyfall, the latest installment in the Daniel Craig Bond series. But if I happen to come across a little gem that’s maybe not so well-known like Attack The Block, or Another Earth was released last year, I’ll post a review for you on those as well.

I would love to branch out into TV as well, but I really don’t have any shows that I feel strongly about enough to write on them other than Game of Thrones, and with the next season not coming out until March of next year (BOOOOOO!) it can just sit on the back burner till then.

That one current event EVERYONE else is talking about.

I REALLY wish I’d could have had this gig while the Penn State scandal broke. Everybody from my Facebook friends to talk radio had a decisive opinion on it, and I would have loved to jump in head first and tell you about mine. But no worries, whatever the next big thing is that everyone is going to be talking about I’ll probably weigh in on it too.

So, there you have it. I look forward to being a positive addition to Dipped in Cream and hearing from you!

Dipped in Cream is Growing By the Minute – Yet Another Writer!

The Amazing Cate K.

I know, right?  Two new contributing writers in one day?  I am so fortunate to have met Cate and Brittani.  These two women are intelligent, articulate and funny–we know that it’s ALL about The Funny here at Dipped in Cream, don’t we?

I introduced dear Brittani earlier today, and now I would like to present to you Cate K. She is what I refer to as A Smarty Pants. I’m actually puzzled as to why she would even consider having her words associated with my ridiculous blog, seeing that I mostly harp on how much those poor horses who “Run for the Roses”  resemble Sarah Jessica Parker.  Those poor, sad horsies.  People can be so cruel. (Don’t make me post the photo of the be-wigged horse again.)

Oh. Back to Cate.  Yeah.  She’s real smart and stuff.  You’ll get a bad case of the whiplash from reading my stuff and then move on to Cate’s intellectual posts.  (Simmer down, Brittani, you know you’re fantastic and we’re all in this together.)

Let’s all welcome Cate, shall we?  And another round of applause for darling Brittani!