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Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa Welcome A Baby Boy, Thank Well-Wishers


Wiz and Amber at the 2013 Grammy Awards

Amber Rose looked ready to pop earlier this month at the Grammys, and she finally did on Thursday, giving birth to son Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. This is the first child for her and fiance, rapper Wiz Khalifa. The proud new dad announced the news via his Twitter.

Amber Rose told XXL magazine that she would be having an all-natural water birth at home. “I want those bragging rights! The next time Wiz has a stomachache … I’ll say, ‘I popped a baby out all natural!” she joked. Anyone that has a baby snatched out of them without medicine has my respect. Curiously though, Wiz tweeted a picture of himself wearing hospital scrubs near a door that looks very hospital-y, huh?


Looks like a hospital to US, Wiz. Door? Scrubs?

Maybe she wanted that epidural after all.

Aside from our conspiracy theories regarding the birth, at least the parents were sweet by acknowledging social media’s interest and concern with some nice Tweets.


Beyonce’s Baby Bump is the Real Deal

Beyonce's Collapsing Bump?


In case you were wondering, Beyonce is actually pregnant. She raised suspicions that she wasn’t after she appeared on Australia’s Sunday Night talk show. While sitting down, there seemed to be an odd fold in her dress which many thought was evidence that the singer was wearing padding. You can see it at 0:55 in the video.

So, is Beyonce pulling the same stunt an Oscar-winning actress did (ahem), or is she simply trying to enhance her bump? Well neither. Her publicist Yvette Noel-Shchure told ABC News that rumors of her sporting a fake bump were “stupid, ridiculous and false.”

Bey, Baby Bump and Jay in Croatia

So there you go.

The subject of Carly Simon’s hit, “You’re So Vain” is WHO???

Oh, Carly. Really?
The fanTASTIC, Mick Jagger
Warren was just so purrrrdy.

I refuse to believe this news.  I don’t care if Carly told me straight to my face that the arrogant rogue from her hit song, Your So Vain ISN’T Mick Jagger or Warren Beatty, because those two are who I (alternately) imagine him to be. (Or, maybe Patrick, but that would involve a hoop skirt a` la Scarlett O’Hara, rather than a “scarf, it was apricot”.  An entirely different scenario altogether.)

Hold on to your effing hats, y’all:  Carly Simon has revealed (sorta?) that The So Vain One is record producer/CEO DAVID GEFFEN, who at the time headed Carly’s record label, Elektra.  It’s being said that Carly was jealous of Geffen’s relationship with then-rival Joni Mitchell.  Yes, we all know that Mr. Geffen is gay, but back in the day he had many relationships with women, mostly notably, Cher.

Cher with David Geffen, a long ass time ago.

via newser.com:

“For 38 years, jilted lovers everywhere have been singing along to “You’re So Vain” and wondering exactly who is so vain—and they may finally have an answer. Speculation has long centered on Carly Simon’s famous exes, including Warren Beatty, Kris Kristofferson, Mick Jagger, Cat Stevens, or James Taylor. But the song, as it turns out, isn’t about a former paramour—or even about a straight guy. The subject is openly gay record producer David Geffen.Simon whispers the name “David” backward in a remake of the song featured on her latest album, Never Been Gone, note the Sun and the Mail. Simon is believed to have been angry at Geffen, then the head of her record label, for promoting rival singer/songwriter Joni Mitchell over her.”

Way to ruin it for everyone, Carly.  Just to sell copies of a new version of the song? Ugh.