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Newsflash: NYC’s Roseland Ballroom Shutting Its Doors


If you were ever a kid in NYC, or the Tri-state area of New York/New Jersey/Connecticut, you know about Roseland Ballroom. The venue has been around for what seems like FOREVER, though exclusively a go-to spot for concerts only since the 1950s. Well, sad news has recently broken that the famed location will be singing it’s own swan song come April 2014, according to billboard.com. The kids, who are now adults that still attend shows there, are NOT alright.

Roseland was always that perfect balance of adequate space to pack a good crowd while still maintaining an air of intimacy with whatever band was playing. A solid venue for both smaller bands and those well-known, if you were playing at Roseland Ballroom, it was a clear indication that you were doing well. Aside from all this, many an awesome party/event (e.g. The Black Party) found it’s ideal hosting space there.

NYC is a mecca for music and Roseland Ballroom is where many a citizen of the past and present had some of their earliest concert-going experiences; for me, it was seeing AFI in 2006 (thanks to YouTube for reminding me). And what sucks most is that we still don’t know the why of it. Doubtless, it has to do with money as everything else does, but the place is still booking talent regularly so, what gives?! Are they making way for yet more condos?! Either way, as a significant part of the “scene” here and on artists’ tour schedules, this closure will leave quite the gaping wound.