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Cheerios’ New “Gay” Ad Is, Yes, Still About Family





I’m sure there are folks out there who dislike Cheerios. I, personally, can’t imagine why, but that’s how life is. Some will love the cereal, some will hate the cereal, even though it’s great for heart health and makes your GI tract live like an upstanding citizen (don’t play coy, y’all know exactly what I’m talking about). But if you can’t get down with the message General Mills has been gently pushing for the past year or so, we can’t be friends. Because while opinions are like assholes (everyone has them), if you’re of the mind that all families aren’t deserving of consideration and support, there’s a door you can find and see yourself right out of. Bye!


Anyhoo, our friends at General Mills have just released a new Cheerios ad featuring not only a *gasp* GAY couple, but also a couple who adopted outside their race as only the love is important. The ad is poignant and may have made me tear up just a bit though that’s likely also due to the knowledge that a lot of conservative/Right Wing folks will be bent over the ad’s existence. Why? Well, because they’re similarly displeased by the existence of families like that in the first place. This new ad follows on the heels of the original two “controversial” TV spots, first featuring a biracial family, then featuring said family expanding even further. I know right, the.horror. *eye roll*


The point of these commercials isn’t to enrage any particular group though. The message is simply that all types of families, are families. Families who love and care for each other the same way mainstream media has been telling us that only the stereotypical straight, White, English speaking, shrinking middle class family is, since its inception; Commercials like these help people open their minds and hearts, while still others feel more accepted and recognized. There’s no clearer indication that we, as a society, have more to work on than this inclusive idea STILL pissing people off. Watch for yourself and feel free to cry…right into your Cheerios.


Dhani Harrison for GAP – ‘Blue For You’ By Dad, George Harrison

Dhani Harrison
Dhani Harrison


The new GAP campaign for Fall/Winter 2013 features Dhani Harrison, whom of course is the late Beatle George Harrison’s son.  Dhani covers his dad’s sweet song, ‘Blue For You’…


Obviously I’m a huge fan of Dhani due to my life-long love of George.  I wish this commercial lasted about an hour.

I’m a bit choked up.

Keira Knightley’s Chanel Commercial Might Be Too Hot For TV


Chanel‘s latest ad for it’s Coco Mademoiselle perfume has been deemed too “sexually suggestive” by the Advertising Standards Authority in the UK. A complaint was filed after it aired during a broadcast of ‘Ice Age 2′ prompting the ASA to to rule that the commercial should be prohibited from being shown during children’s programming.

In the commercial, Knightley sprays on the fragrance and then strips down for a photographer. It probably isn’t the most appropriate thing for kids to be watching, but personally I have no problem with it. At least she’s not talking about the world turning and other random things.

So what do you guys think, is the ad too hot for tv?