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Captain America: The Winter Soldier – The Feels are Strong




Oh, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

I loved the original Captain America film but by it’s nature it wasn’t very dynamic. Cap can be a bit of a bore; I love him, but Boy Scouts just don’t bring the excitement, ya know? Not this time. There is excitement and then some in Winter Soldier. First off ,it’s all about hand to hand combat. Yes there’s explosions and special effects and they’re all quite good, but Steve Rogers kicks some serious ass in this movie. The scene where he goes onboard a pirated ship is a thing of beauty. Cap running and hitting and kicking bad guys left and right. I was more than slightly aroused by his masculine prowess.




The reason I love Cap more than any other “goodie goodie” superhero — I’m an anti-hero or straight-up villain girl as a rule (Hail Doom and Hail Loki!) — is because he’s not afraid to stand alone. Just because you’re the government, it doesn’t make you right. This movie allows that side of the character to shine. He stands alone against his corrupt masters and I love him for it.

At heart though this is a movie about friendship. Cap and Black Widow, Cap and Falcon and finally Cap and Bucky. He and Black Widow start as little more than wary co-workers but learn to trust and depend on one another.  Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Steve meet as they’re jogging, but bond over their wartime pasts. The thing I love most about their friendship is that, unlike other sidekick types, Steve needs Sam way more than Sam needs Steve. Sam has a life and has no interest in putting on the wings to take to the skies again but when Captain America needs him, he steps up.  Once the wings go on, Sam becomes Falcon and he’s amazing. As a friend of mine said, I’d love to see a Falcon, Black Widow and Hawkeye movie, they could tear some shit up.




Then we come to Bucky and in come the feels. He’s lost and alone and being used. He’s a killer but he still has his best friend Steve looking out for him, even if he doesn’t know it. Their interactions broke my heart but were oh, so good. I was emotionally hung over the next day from all the feels I had in me by the end.




Captain America: The Winter Soldier is now in my top superhero films of all time. It had all the comic book elements that make it fun with the emotional resonance that so many of these movies lack. Go see it. NOW!