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Brad Pitt Performed With Bruno Mars Over The Weekend For The Make It Right Foundation Gala

Photo courtesy of NOLA.com

I was excited to hear that two of DiC‘s favorite men crossed paths over the weekend, and it was all for charity! The Make It Right foundation held a gala on Saturday night in New Orleans to help benefit victims of Hurricane Katina, which devastated Louisiana in 2005, disabled veterans in Newark, New Jersey, under-served families in Missouri and American Indians in Montana. Bruno Mars was one of the performers for the event and was joined onstage by chairman Brad Pitt for a little jam session.

Comedian Chris Rock served as host, Sandra Bullock helped to raffle off a BMW and of course Brad’s lady Angelina Jolie was in attendance. No word on if Pitt’s beer buddy Matthew McConaughey was there. The two were seen chatting on their balconies after they realized that they were neighbors. In case you were wondering, the beer Brad tossed over to Matthew is a local brew called NOLA Hopitoulas.

So there were rumors that Pitt would join the second season of the hit HBO show ‘True Detective,’ which of course stars McConaughey and shoots in Louisiana. Some people looked at this PR to drum up more speculation, but I think they both just enjoy a cold one. FYI, Nerdist is reporting that Jessica Chastain has been offered a lead role for the next season. She co-starred with Pitt in 2011’s ‘The Tree of Life.’ So we’ll see how that pans out.

Girl, them shoooooes.
Girl, them shoooooes.

[Ed. Note: Check out Angie’s heels. Daaaayummm. Also? I love that her self-tanning game is every bit as poorly applied as mine.

Ahhh, the tell-tale white foot with a tan leg.
Ahhh, the tell-tale white foot with a tan leg.

Look closely at the ankles! Awesome, Angie! I’ll help you with mine if you help me with mine. Call me. – Julia]

David Bowie’s New Video For ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’

David Bowie and Tilda Swinton


David Bowie‘s  forthcoming album ‘The Next Day’ is almost here, and we have the video for the first single, directed by Floria Sigismondi.


The clip features David struggling with his normal, boring life with wife Tilda Swinton while still longing for his old rock n’ roll days. At least that’s the way I interpreted it. I also spotted model Saskia De Brauw as one of the women haunting his home. It’s pretty interesting, and well done, and I think it’s genius that he got Tilda to do this, seeing as how she’s pretty much his female twin.

Editor’s Note: Wow.  Firstly, leave it to Bowie and director Floria Sigismondi to exceed all expectations.  I think Brittani‘s observations of the video are good ones;  I do think, as with all art, it’s open to personal interpretation.

Was Tilda actually David’s wife–or was she a former persona within himself? Looking out the window, seeing the young Bowie, guitar in hand–and being troubled by the vision. Was Tilda representing the “semi-retired, house-husband”?  Tilda’s eyes later appearing to be the same as David’s? I feel they are one person.

Either way, the result appears to be the same; remembering what his life used to be like, along with the apparent stalking of the media (and fans) in his current life.

Bottom line? My heart is racing. – DivaJulia

Please give your thoughts on this intriguing piece of ART.

God Bless David Bowie. Oh, and class is officially IN SESSION, kids.

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2012, More Things We Can’t Afford

Photo: VH1

Just because ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show‘ isn’t on the air anymore doesn’t mean that Oprah isn’t going to be giving away more of her “Favorite Things.” This year’s list features sneakers from Michael Kors, headphones from Dr. Dre and a $45.00 dog bowl. Might as well spoil your pooches for the holidays too. Check out what else she has on her list!

Tom Ford Beauty Lipstick $192.00 from Neiman Marcus

That cool new Microsoft Surface Tablet $499 from the Microsoft Store

Dark Secret Chocolate $54 for a 30 Day Box if you use the code “OPRAH”

Milagro Select Barrel Reserve Silver Tequila $52.00 from Astor Wines

You can check out the rest of the items here, which also includes a $3,000 elliptical trainer. Because it’s Oprah. Her two-hour “Favorite Things” special airs Sunday, November 18 on OWN. I’ll be watching because I really miss seeing people lose their shit over sweaters and kitchen knives, don’t you?

[Editor’s Note: DivaJulia is losing her shit over the Tom Ford lipstick collection, but you already knew that, right?]

“YOU get a Afghan Hound sweater! YOU get a butcher knife! YOU get a Neiman Marcus Enema Kit!”

Oh. Anyway.