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The Barefoot Bandit, Colton Harris Moore CAUGHT in The Bahamas – VIDEO

Colton Harris-Moore, aka The Barefoot Bandit ARRESTED

Colton Harris Moore, 19, aka The Barefoot Bandit, has been apprehended by Bahamian authorities today.   Harris Moore has been able to escape capture for over two years after a spree of home break-ins, car theft and plane theft which began in Washington State.

Say what you will about this young man, he certainly had some brains and a sense of adventure…more than most of us will ever experience.  Before you all start verbally whipping me, let me say this:  Yes, he broke many laws by stealing lots of folks’ property.  I live in Washington State and have seen the over-zealous nuts and bounty hunters freaking out over Colton’s exploits.  It’s understood that Colton had issues, and in fact, escaped from a half-way house on Camano Island, Washington, which began his two-year spree.

Let’s just hope his punishment isn’t worse than child abducting sex offenders.

via: People.com

Colton Harris-Moore, who is said to have stolen cars, boats, planes – often without shoes – was arrested early Sunday morning on northern Eleuthera island in the Bahamas, the Associated Press reports.

Island police have been searching for the 19-year-old fugitive since last week, when he allegedly crashed a plane onto Great Abaco Island.

Moore, who lived a troubled childhood on Camano Island, Wash., has been on the run since 2008 when he broke out of a Washington halfway house. He has gained a cult following of fans for his unique calling cards at the alleged crime scenes – leaving barefoot signs or donations for animal charities in his wake.

A Facebook phenomenon and the subject of a proposed feature film, Moore was discovered by island police, the AP reports, when they came upon his trail in Eleuthera after recovering a power boat stolen from Abaco, where he was suspected in a number of burglaries.

Many of his fans, true to form, are disappointed with the arrest.

“Oh poo, the fun’s over,” wrote one on Twitter.”

Books and scripts are being written about The Barefoot Bandit

The big question IS:  Who will play Colton Harris Moore in the film version of his adventures?