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David Bowie’s New Video For ‘The Stars (Are Out Tonight)’

David Bowie and Tilda Swinton


David Bowie‘s  forthcoming album ‘The Next Day’ is almost here, and we have the video for the first single, directed by Floria Sigismondi.


The clip features David struggling with his normal, boring life with wife Tilda Swinton while still longing for his old rock n’ roll days. At least that’s the way I interpreted it. I also spotted model Saskia De Brauw as one of the women haunting his home. It’s pretty interesting, and well done, and I think it’s genius that he got Tilda to do this, seeing as how she’s pretty much his female twin.

Editor’s Note: Wow.  Firstly, leave it to Bowie and director Floria Sigismondi to exceed all expectations.  I think Brittani‘s observations of the video are good ones;  I do think, as with all art, it’s open to personal interpretation.

Was Tilda actually David’s wife–or was she a former persona within himself? Looking out the window, seeing the young Bowie, guitar in hand–and being troubled by the vision. Was Tilda representing the “semi-retired, house-husband”?  Tilda’s eyes later appearing to be the same as David’s? I feel they are one person.

Either way, the result appears to be the same; remembering what his life used to be like, along with the apparent stalking of the media (and fans) in his current life.

Bottom line? My heart is racing. – DivaJulia

Please give your thoughts on this intriguing piece of ART.

God Bless David Bowie. Oh, and class is officially IN SESSION, kids.

Trent Reznor to score David Fincher’s “Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”

Trent. Reznor. That is all.

Nine Inch Nails’ frontman, Trent Reznor and director David Fincher will be teaming up again, this time for the “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo“. During a Livestream interview with the New York Times, Reznor revealed that he had been working on the project for six weeks now. Trent, of course scored Fincher’s “The Social Network” along with Atticus Ross. That earned the two Golden Globe nominations.

Trent said that his score for “…Dragon Tattoo” wouldn’t be the same as the one for “The Social Network”,  which will be “focusing mostly on performances and an organic feel – more specifically, ‘nothing would be programmed” and we’ll get to hear ‘his limited skills at stringed instruments.’”  You might remember that David Fincher used NIN’s Closer (Deviation) for the opening credits of “Se7en” without Trent’s permission at the time. Take a look–it’s still creepy/awesome as ever:

I haven’t read any of the Lisbeth Salander books, or seen any of the Swedish version starring Noomi Rapace, so I think now is the time to get on that. Should be another great collaboration. “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo” will be in theaters December 21, 2011.