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HBO Presents ‘Behind The Candelabra’ Starring Michael Douglas and Matt Damon – Trailer

Michael Douglas and Matt Damon as Liberace and Scott Thorson0

Photo: VF.com

I’m pretty much wigging out over the tremendousness of the trailer for the ‘Behind The Candelabra‘, the story of Liberace (played by Michael Douglas) and his paid gigolo long-time boyfriend and chauffeur, Scott Thorson (effortlessly portrayed by Matt Damon).  Good LORT this is going to be a CLASSIC.

Take a look at the clip, won’t you?


Honestly. I could watch that 90 second trailer on a gotdamb loop.  Get out you feathers and furs and get IN jacuzzi tubs, because THIS will be EHHHH-PIC.

(NONE of this has been written with a drop of sarcasm, by the by. Did you SEE pretty-girl Rob Lowe??)  I’ve got the vapors.

Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Fight During ‘American Idol’ Auditions – WHYYYYYYYYY

“WHYYYYYYY” is yet again part of the American vernacular!

If you were wondering how Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj would get along on ‘American Idol,’ wonder no more. The two divas got into an argument during the AI auditions in Charlotte, NC on Tuesday after they disagreed on one contestant’s performance. TMZ obtained a video of the blow up with Minaj cursing at Carey.



At one point Nicki walked off the set after Mariah kept taking jabs at her, says a source from Mouth To Ears says. Nicki’s manager and team urged her to come back, but after repeated shots were fired Mimi, Nicki left again after threatening to “knock her out.” The producers had to shut down production for the rest of day as they all cooled off. Keith Urban looks terrified being in between the two prima donnas, and I’m sure they are all rethinking being judges. The three were interviewed on my local Fox News Charlotte where they were all smiles, of course this was before s*** went down!

Nicki hasn’t made a statement, yet, but Mariah took to Twitter to let her feelings be known.

“WHYYYYYYYYY???” – Nancy Kerrigan AND Mariah Carey AND Cee Lo

The tweet is better if you read it in Nancy KerrigansWHYYYYYYYYYcry, or like the “WHY!?” Cee Lo  lets out in “F*** You.”


Happy Birthday, Juliette Lewis! ‘Kalifornia’ Clip Probably NSFW, Y’all

Early and Adele (Brad and Juliette) in "Kalifornia"

And the winner for Best White Trash Couple in Cinema goes to….Juliette Lewis and Brad Pitt as Early Grace and Adele Corners in the 1993 film, Kalifornia!!

Juliette Lewis is 38 years old today.  Honestly, it’s a toss-up with Patricia Arquette as to which actress plays white trash the best.  I’m leaning toward Juliette, though.  Her portrayal of A-dele (as pronounced by Brad’s character, Urrrr-laaaay, as pronounced by Juliette–oh, you get the idea) was both tender and hilarious.  The “hilarity” probably comes from watching the film over 20 times, I suppose.   The shock-factor has worn off, so it’s just the nuances of the film’s characters that are left for analysis and then quoting the film in my daily life.  (That sure sounds like I’m desensitized and jaded…oh. Never mind. Remember how I consider Silence of the Lambs a Romantic Comedy now?  Same deal.)

ANYWAY.  If you haven’t seen this under-rated film I suggest you add it to your queue on Netflix.  (Do you like how I know the lingo, even though we don’t have that fancy service, y’all?)