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Shaun’s Christmas Countdown! WHAM!!


Today’s countdown kids will be a quickie. We all know and love (well depending on how many times we hear it), “Last Christmas”, it’s a holiday classic. No matter how many times it has been redone, and re-covered… George Michael and WHAM! do it better than anyone! I mean it was THEIR song for gosh sakes! To think that some people think that Hilary Duff or Ashley Tisdale were the original artists! Psshhaw! No way man. That hot 80’s George gave his heart, and this year he is giving it someone special.

So here is your George special with a side of WHAM! (check out that Farrah feathered hair, and that Jeep… how did he trick so many Brits into thinking he was straight?!) with “Last Christmas!”

Christmas Countdown – Beautifully Highjacked by Tchaikovsky

I thought I’d horn in on Shaun’s Christmas Countdown with my own favorite.  Actually, it’s an excuse to watch the Bolshoi Ballet and listen to the most exquisite piece of music to ever enter my earholes. (That’s fancy talk.)

Wasn’t that purrrdy, y’all???

I have the Demi Moore “Ghost” single tear-thing going right now.  It’s called drama, people.

Christmas Present from Incubus: Benefit for Chilean Miners in Santiago – GORGEOUS VIDEO

Incubus - 2010

Yeah, we all know part of me lives in the year 2000 when it comes to Incubus. Can’t help it.  The band has just released a Christmas present to their fans…and to the people of Chile.

via EnjoyIncubus.com

“Back in October, Incubus traveled to South America to play 4 shows and take a break from writing songs for their new album. While in Santiago, Chile, they played a special show to benefit the families of the miners who had been trapped underground. It was truly a special night for the 1800 fans in attendance. And now, finally the rest of the band’s fans around the world can get a look at what was going on that night. We hope you enjoy it.”

Incubus Xmas Present to Our Fans from Steve Rennie on Vimeo.

The band were diligent about seeing that all proceeds from the benefit concert for the miners’ families went where they were supposed to go–to the FAMILIES.  Meeting with dignitaries and other “suits”, Mike Einziger and manager Steve Rennie, were given an education about how the mining accident occurred and continued their bond with the people of Chile.

Incubus also worked with a Chilean “pick-up” orchestra for a full day in a recording studio, producing some really gorgeous sounds, including a cover of The Rolling Stones’ Paint it Black, as a gift to their manager, Steve.

Excuse me while I swoon…VIVA INCUBUS.