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Christina Hendricks from “Mad Men” is Esquire’s Cover Girl…

That. Is. Not. Her. FACE.

When Esquire asked its readers to vote for “The Best-Looking Woman In America,” 30% of them reportedly voted for Mad Men‘s Christina Hendricks, who beat out Megan Fox and Adriana Lima to snag the May cover of the magazine.

via [ONTD]

Oh, those are Joan Hollway’s boobies, all right…but that FACE? No, and HELL no, it isn’t.  Why does she have Julianne Moore’s eyes?  (Or did Christina – GASP – get an eyelift, either via scalpel or Photoshop?) Does anyone remember Skye Chandler from All My Children?  THAT’S who this looks like…but with giant breasts.

THIS is Christina Hendricks.

Either way? This woman does not look like herself.