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Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder To Perform on VH1’s ‘DIVAS LIVE’?



Made ya look!  Sometimes things just make me laugh–like this photo of our precious Eddie Vedder doing what we call “Diva hands’.  Seriously. I nearly tinkled a little.

I think Ed’s technique is EVERY bit as fierce as Christina’s, RiRi’s and Lady Gaga’s.  And frankly, he’s more committed to the move than Mariah–but she’s allowed to be a bit lazy after all these years, right?

C’mon. Snort-laugh with me.


‘The Voice’ Recap, Which Two Of Our Favorites Got The Boot?


All of the remaining contestants on ‘The Voice’ are awesome and deserve to win, I don’t say that often, so no matter who was sent home it would be a loss. The show kicked off with a stellar performance from Ne-Yo featuring Amanda Brown on “Let Me Love You.” 

It’s been interesting to watch her transformation on the show. When she first auditioned she looked very “Churchy,” but has blossomed into a sexy, rock goddess who proves to be quite versatile doing a pop/r&b duet.


There were some good duets between the contestants. Terry McDermott and Trevin Hunte sang “Feel Again” by OneRepublic.  Later Trevin joined Nicholas David and guests Matchbox 20 for their latest “Overjoyed.” 

Definitely the best sounding duet was between Amanda and Cassadee Pope on Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” but Nicholas and Melanie Martinez sounded pretty cool on Fiona Apple‘s “Criminal.” This is something I would have liked to hear Melanie do solo if she were to stick around in the competition…

Unfortunately, she won’t. Both Melanie and Amanda were sent home in a baffling decision, which left Adam Levine without a team.


Again, all the singers left are amazing in their own right and I really didn’t want to see anyone go home, but I especially loved Amanda’s voice and style. Something tells me one of the coaches was pleased to see this go down.

So are you happy with the decision? Which singers did you want to see go home instead? Let us know!

Christina Aguilera Slams Past Winners of ‘The Voice’

Here we go…


Looks like Xtina couldn’t even wait until next week’s episode of The Voice to throw some major shade and bitchface, as Brittani, Ana and I all predicted.  Honestly.  THIS bitch. Take a look at the hate she spewed about some of the past winners from the show that PAYS her to look like she does:

via USmagazine.com:

“[My former act] Chris Mann, prime example,” she said. “Came in fourth last year. It’s like, ultimately, who’s the real winner? Who’s Javier [Colon]? Who’s Jermaine [Paul]? At this point, I think it’s all about Chris Mann, thank you!”

Aguilera added that she believes Duron can be successful without a talent show, citing her own experience of losing Star Search in 1990.

“I lost [a talent show] myself earlier on in my career,” she said. “I’ve gone on to do much bigger and better things – some people don’t even know what Star Search was! I’m sure Dez will say the same in his own way one day.”


Photo: ONTD

Really?  My eyes are rolling like a casino slot machineXtina.

I will never say that Xtina can’t sing.  We all know she can–and she makes sure we know by telling us every gotdamn week, how-bloody-EVER.  Her bitter, bored and bitchy demeanor is absolutely intolerable at this point. I’m actually dreading watching her NOT CLAP for contestants after their performances.  (Has anyone else noticed that?)  Then she’ll look down at her “notes”, not make eye-contact with the nervous contestant in front of her, berate then dismiss them.  I’m already grinding my teeth, you guys.

Christina Aguilera has become incredibly unlikable the older she gets, which really isn’t good for business.  Her level of malevolence about “The Voice” in general leaves a bad taste in my mouth.  Personally, I won’t miss her when she’s gone next season while she creates new experiences” for herself and “see [her] fans one-on-one”whatever that crap means.

Good luck with all that, girl.