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Happy Birthday, Chris Martin! Sing it With Me! ‘Para Para Para-Douche!’

Chris Martin is 35 today

It’s my goal to get this song stuck in your head all bloody day long because it’s stuck in MINE.  It’s Bono’s lady in waiting (and Coldplay’s) Chris Martin’s 35th birthday today, and “thank God the fishmonger DELIVERS!”  (I use that quote made my Martin’s wife, Paltrow every chance I get.)

"Oh, Chris. Seriously? Have a cleanse." - Paltrow

I have it on good authority (my Imagination, with a capital I!), that Martin’s string-vanilla-bean wife gave him this for his birthday:

The Clean Program – $425.00 – By Dr. Junger M.D.

Hey.  At least Paltrow wasn’t super-cheap with her gift! Just super-CLEAN. Ugh.