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Rihanna Rocks a Gold Grill and Lavender Lipstick


Photo via CB/Splash

Gosh.  It seems like February, 2009 all over again with all this Rihanna and Chris Brown stuff every bloody day. Oh.  No pun intended, I guess.

Here’s RiRi coming out of Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica, California in super-short cut-offs, long red nails, lavender lipstick, and a gold grill on her lower teeth.

So. How do we feel about this look?  More importantly, would you wear this get-up to go out for a delicious Italian din-din?


Chris Brown is super sorry, you guys. For reals.

"It's all about ME."


You know, when I’m irritated and need to let off some steam, I throw a chair through a window of a high rise, too.  Just when I’m really upset, though.  When I’m being all positive and creative and then someone tries to EXPLOIT me by asking me about my ex-girlfriend who ran her face into my fist, that’s when I need to THROW something and make it rain shards of broken GLASS onto the sidewalk where folks are walkin’, because I NEEDED TO LET OFF STEAM.  Don’t try to take that away from me.

What?  Don’t MAKE me put my grandbaby down.

Here’s my boy, Breezy, on BET talkin’ ’bout a very similar incident that I deal with every single day, y’all.  I gotcho back, baby.

via BET:

“First of all I want to apologize to anybody who was startled in the office, anybody who was offended or really looked disappointed at my actions because I was really disappointed in my actions” Brown told show hosts Rocsi and Terrance. “A lot of people don’t know what went down. When I do shows or I do interviews we always send out a talking points sheet and if the network or whomever doing the interviewing isn’t complying with what we want to do so we can equally accomplish a goal we usually back out until its a better situation.

When we actually did this event everything was cool. We was suppose to perform, the talking points were positivity, creative, and everything that was sent to me, everything was about the album. So as the interview proceeded it was thrown off, i was kind of thrown off by it. I felt like they told us this so that they can just get us on the show just to exploit me. That’s what I thought. And so I took it very, very hard. I kind of kept my composure throughout the whole interview although you can see me upset. I kept my composure and did my performance and when I got back I let off steam in the back. I didn’t physically hurt anyone I didn’t try to hurt anyone. I just wanted to release the anger I had inside me cause I felt like I worked so hard for this music. And I love my fans and I love to be able to make positive music that I felt like people kept, just trying to take it away from me, take away from me.  So yes, I got very emotional and I apologize for acting like that.”

For f*ck’s sake. Do I need to say anything more or do you guys just wanna go let off some steam with me? Do y’all think my PO will be cool with that?