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Did Adele Yell At Chris Brown For Being A Pouty Baby When Frank Ocean Won A Grammy?

TELL him, Girl!

Of course, no one REALLY knows what Adele was saying to Chris Brown last night at the Grammy Awards, but let’s all hope that she was reaming him a new one for being utterly disrespectful to Frank Ocean’s win by staying seated when everyone else STOOD in appreciation.


No Manners Brown

I’d really love to believe that Adele had some curt words to say to this asshole, but inasmuch as we also have this photo, it might just be wishful thinking for those of us who don’t care for the rude, abusive behavior that Brown continues to work (to his advantage?).

So, yeah.

What do you guys think?  Oh, and also…let’s take a moment to remember something that took place four years ago on Grammy Night, shall we?

Photo on right via TMZ

What a difference four years make, huh?  Ugh.

Chris Brown Quits Twitter After Vulgar Rant Aimed At Comedy Writer Jenny Johnson

Breezy–always a kind word for the ladies, right Jenny?

Photo: GettyImages/Twitter/Huffpo

Here we go.  Another Twitter War.  ‘Tis the Season, after all, my babies.  Thankfully, I follow Jenny Johnson on Twitter, and we were privy to the bitchery via JJ’s timeline:  Let’s read through the fancy words together as a class, shall we?  As is the protocol when reading a Twitter War, one must scroll DOWN to the BEGINNING…and READ UP.  Okay. Go.


Chris Brown’s tender, heartfelt words never fail to cause a single tear to fall down my cheek.

Honestly.  He’ll be back to further inform Team Breezy how misunderstood he is. Uh huh.  He will.

Bless his heart.


Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Best and Worst

Clearly there is no better costume photo from Hollywoodland than Neil Patrick Harris and his fiancé David Burtka, and their two children, Gideon Scott and Harper Grace dressed in their finest Wizard of Oz get-ups.  Seriously. Stinkin’. Cute. Obviously, this is the winner, right?

And, no.  I’m not going to post pictures of the gotdamn Kardashian fame-whores with Kanye all dressed as characters from the Batman films.  No, and hell no.  But fuck me if those idiots were outdone for Worst Costume by none other than everyone’s favorite asshole, Chris Brown.

Yep–it’s exactly what you think it is…

via TMZ:

“For a guy with a history of violence against women … a penchant for destruction … and an explosive temper … it’s no surprise Chris Brown decided to be a Taliban fighter for Halloween.

Brown — sporting a string of fake bullets across his chest — rolled over to Greystone Manor last night … to attend West Hollywood’s biggest Hollywood party … hosted by Rihanna.

Other famous in attendance … Flo Rida, Paris Hilton and U.S. Olympic team superstar Lindsey Vonn … but they all had better costumes.”

We were also treated to this dumb-shit of a Tweet by this dumb shit.

via Chris Brown Twitter


Chris Brown dressed as a Taliban terrorist with his friends.

Comments? Leave ’em HERE. I can’t believe I’m the only one grinding her teeth over this…please tell me I’m not.