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Ian Watkins of Lostprophets Pleads “Guilty” To Sex Crimes Against Minors



*There are times when it’s incredibly hard to write about something in a dispassionate way. Just the facts? I’ll try.*

If you know about/were a fan of the band Lostprophets, then this is merely an update. If you have no idea who this band was, then the name Ian Watkins¬†probably means nothing to you and, hey, you’re a lucky one. As for the rest of us who were fans? “Disgust” and “trauma” are just a few of the words corresponding to our emotional state right now.



Watkins (former lead singer of Lostprophets) was recently charged with child rape, attempted sexual assault of a child (read: baby), possession and creation of child pornography…THE LIST GOES ON. What’s worse than all of this, though, is the fact that the evidence against him and the two women involved is irrefutable rather than mere suspicion. Horrifying. Bonafide “nightmare fuel”, if you will. So undeniable that, as of yesterday, Watkins has decided to plead guilty to at least 11 charges of sex crimes, including those mentioned above. Because there are text exchanges between him and his co-conspirators solidifying the rest of the evidence i.e. direct references to the fact that these are all greatly fucked up individuals.

Authorities were able to acquire records of said text messages, as well as break into Watkins’ “cloud” where they found photos and videos the sort where jurors have had to be warned against their “graphic and disturbing” nature. STOP THIS RIDE, I WANT TO GET OFF. For what it’s worth, the other people involved are child molesting monsters in their own right and this is strictly a case of predators that somehow found each other, feeding off of and encouraging each other’s poisonous existence. These women assaulted their own children while also making them available for Watkins before their grander child rape conspiracy started taking shape. I CANNOT. How does one not fight to swallow their own vomit when learning about this?!


This piece of shit right here.
This piece of shit right here. SICK, SICK, SICK.


While us fans can’t be mad at ourselves for enjoying Lost Prophets and the music they gave us¬†at the time, as we were unaware, this is one of those hugely bitter pills to swallow; knowing that you were cheering and supporting a person who was brutalizing children behind the scenes. But forget about us because this isn’t about us at all. Let’s just hope that justice is ultimately served in Wales and that the children involved get the help they need.