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Chelsea Handler Disses Angelina Jolie

Real classy, Chelsea.

Let me just start off by saying, I don’t like Chelsea Handler. She hasn’t been funny since Girls Behaving Badly and that was years ago, and an ensemble show.  I guess she should be commended for being a loyal friend, but this just felt….catty.  Even for her.

At a show last Friday in New Jersey, Handler went off about how Jolie was a “home-wrecker.” saying,

“She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to. I don’t f***ing believe you. She gives interviews, ‘I don’t have a lot of female friends.’ Cause you’re a f**king c**t … you’re a f***ing b***h.”

Two blonde spinsters in Mexico!

Touched a nerve, huh Chelsea? The comedienne (it really pained me to type that word) recently spent Thanksgiving with Jennifer Aniston in Mexico. Just two boring blondes, whooping it up in Mexico.

A friend of Handler says that she “hates Angelina and doesn’t for one second buy that she is this good person rescuing children in need around the World.” Um….okay, and what has Chelsea done besides sleep with the head of E! to get two crappy shows? Oh look, now I’m doing it!  I guess it would be interesting to hear what Jennifer has told Chelsea about what really happened between Brad and Angie. Word has it that Chelsea has also become friends with CBS newswoman Katie Couric, who for some reason is going to appear on “Glee” in the near future. What??

Dear God, make it stop.

Jennifer Aniston being funny on Chelsea Lately (VIDEO)

Jen and Chelsea

I know.  I’m usually mercilessly unkind (read: supermean) when it comes to Aniston, but y’all know I’m just playin’, right?  Well.  Girlfriend was on the Chelsea Lately promoting her new movie (where she plays the same Rachel/Jen-character, as per usual), The Switch and Jen was actually pretty cool.  I loved her throaty “smoker laugh”, especially.  She certainly kept up with Chelsea in terms of The Funny, so good for her.  The chatter about Jen’s fragrance “Bitter Tears” was great. (I’m assuming that’s still the name–they didn’t actually MENTION what her toilet water is called.)

Take a gander, via E!”

How funny would it be to see these two stroll into a club, ordering up their vodka and tequila, gettin’ all kindsa tipsy–but going home along?  (Like that would happen…) But still.

(SEE, Tana? I can be nice about Jen. )  Sorta.

Chelsea Handler To Host The 2010 MTV VMAs September 12, 2010

Chelsea - The THIRD (???) female to host the VMA's EVER.

MTV announced that Chelsea Handler would be 2010 Video Music Awards, making her only the third woman in history to do so. Comedian Roseanne (Barr) was the last female host, back in 1994. You’ve come a long way MTV.   I’m not sure if this is a downgrade or an upgrade from last year’s host, Russell Brand. Stephen K. Friedman, the general manager of MTV described Handler as “an unexpected choice.”  Umm, you work at the network, didn’t you know who was going to be picked?  The awards show will take place in Los Angeles this year at the Nokia Theater on September 12th.

I, personally am not looking forward to the telecast. The VMA’s have sucked the past couple of years, and whenever they aren’t in New York City they suck even harder. Remember in 2004 when it was held in Miami and everyone arrived on yachts?  The other thing I remember is that was the weekend Hurricane Katrina hit land and everyone was complaining about the weather on the red carpet. That year’s show had no host, but there have been some good ones. Chris Rock hosted three times, beat by Arsenio Hall who hosted four times. Oh wow, remember Arsenio Hall?!   Here are two of my favorite moments from the 1999 show.


Oh, and this is DivaJulia’s favorite from 1999 VMA’s.  They were the BEST, in her old-ass opinion. Just sayin’.

Ahhh…the good ol’ days.