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Jay-Z ISN’T Selling His Offensive ‘Occupy ALL Streets’ Rocawear T-Shirts After All

No. Longer. Available.


Awwwww, poor Jay-Z.  Really?  Did you come to this conclusion all by your tiny self, or  did your management sugar-coat the fact that the t-shirts you were selling and KEEPING EVERY DIME from might not be in your best interest? (Read: Your tour with PretentiousYe, your wife’s pregnancy, which will surely bring in millions for photos, interviews, and the like?)  Because I don’t believe for one bloody second you did this out of the kindness of your heart.  You did it out of the kindness of your bank accounts, Mr. and Mrs. Knowles-Carter.

Hey, and guess what else, Sean? I’d say this shit to your face.  I’m not that suck-uppy.  Try me.  I’m one of the 1%, just like the rest of my family.

You couldn’t find it in your private plane conscious to help these people out?  Tents, food, blankets, tarps?  Nah.  Where’s the MONEY in that for YOU?  Oh.  Right.  Seems you think protesting for one’s beliefs ain’t what it used to be back in the day, if you even remember…but I do.

Someone–and it wasn’t YOU–decided the whole t-shirt idea might not be all that bad ass…especially for the folks out there who can’t even buy a cup of coffee to keep warm, a bottle of water to stay hydrated, let alone some gee-dee $22 Rocawear shirt.

We all  get of your history as a drug dealer from the Marcy Projects, and good on ya for getting outta that crap and making a mogul out of yourself.  I guess that’s why the very idea of selling these shirts was so incredibly offensive.  Thank goodness someone had their wits about them to “suggest” that perchance this wasn’t so cool after all.  A whole lot of folks ain’t happy with your arrogance–at all.

Nice YSL belt, Jay-Z...

Jay-Z might just have 100 Problems, now, instead of a mere 99; but at the very least, he has Se7en Deadly Sins under his $550 Yves Saint Laurent belt.