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‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Trailer Released At Comic-Con 2014 – WATCH IT HERE



I’m not the biggest post-apocalyptic fiction kind of gal, but I can easily be swayed. ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ looks beautifully brutal. The official trailer was shown yesterday in San Diego at Comic-Con…and folks were blown away. Take a look, won’t you?


“…Said director George Miller, “Chase movies are the purest form of cinema.” He “wanted to make one long chase and pick up the story along the way. It was certainly familiar, but a lot of time has passed [and] the technology has changed. It was a real opportunity to go back an revisit it. It was really interesting thing to do — crazy and interesting… I was waiting for someone like Tom Hardy to come along.”

Also, Miller explained more about how this movie didn’t have a script — instead, they made a storyboard with 3,500 frames, basically like a comic book, co-written by Miller, Brendan McCarthy and a few other collaborators.”


Charlize Theron looks uh-MAZING. If I could pull off the shaved-head look, I would. Bad. Ass.

Who’s excited? Show of hands?

‘Mad Max’ Gets Revamped, Hallelujah, Amen!




Okay, tell me your thoughts on Mel Gibson. Now, tell me your thoughts about the original ‘Mad Max’. Either or both of these may not have been favorable, but feel free to toss them aside as Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy are sure about to! In the age of endless remakes, ‘Mad Max’ is another, yet slightly more desired, pick. Continue Reading

Charlize Theron Says Press Coverage Feels ‘Like RAPE’


These bitches. First we had The Insufferable One (Paltrow) saying “the internet is like a bloody war” and now the other snippy, tall blonde actress, Charlize Theron compares the attention she gets from the press, paparazzi or Google (?) as “feel[ing] like rape”. I’m sorry, WHAT?


“I don’t do that, so that’s my saving grace,” Theron said when asked if she Googles herself. “When you start living in that world, and doing that, you start feeling raped.”

Questioned further about the blunt comparison, the 38-year-old actress added: “Well, when it comes to your son and your private life. Maybe it’s just me.”


Let’s remember for a moment just who Ms. Theron is now dating (if that’s the proper verb)…serial-woman abuserSean Penn.

Listen, I get using metaphors and I understand being overly-dramatic at times, howEVER. Stating that having your picture taken or being written about on celebrity websites does not a rape make. A camera flashing in your face is not assault. (Your boyfriend might show you what assault really is someday, but that’s another story for another day.)

Fame And Philanthropy Post-Oscar Party

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These people need to THINK before using harmful language that lessens actual rape. Or actual war. Celebrities for the most part are pampered, overpaid and overindulged adults who get to play pretend for a living. Simply put? Shut up or get out and find a REAL job that pays under $10 per hour, Charlize. 


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