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Arnold Schwarznegger’s New Tell All Memoir

Arnold wants a “4th act”…

Photo: CBS

CBS This Morning ran an excerpt of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s interview with Leslie Stahl to promote his new memoir,  Total Recall: My Unbelievably True Life Story.

The exclusive sit down with the body builder/action star/ governor will air in its entirety on 60 Minutes this coming Sunday. The book covers all aspects of his life, including the child he had with a former household employee, while still married to Maria Shriver. Stahl’s fawning recount of how charming Arnold is, makes me think that soft ball questions will rule the day.

Unfortunately, the camera did not pan to anchor Charlie Rose during her breathless description on how Arnold can talk about “anything to anyone“. I tune in strictly to see Charlie’s side eye. Please bring Gayle King back to the table STAT, so that he can throw the shade I am looking for. Mr.Rose is 70 years old, at some point soon I hope he’s going to have enough network FU Money to get the hell out of dodge.

Schwarznegger’s book will be released on October 1st.