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Celeb Costume Round Up!

You’d think with their money and resources, celebrities would have better Halloween costumes. Nice to see that they’re just as unimaginative as the rest of America. It is easy to go the “costume in bag” route though.

Heidi and Seal - The Winners, AGAIN.

As always, Heidi Klum and her husband Seal went out all at her annual Halloween party. She was Electra from ‘Starlight Express’ and he was The Silver Surfer from Fantastic Four.

That fat (5-legged?) pig, Calista Flockhart and Sister Mary Harrison

Harrison Ford went as a Nun, while his wife Calista Flockhart was a pig, with a serious camel toe.

Bette, looking glorious, as usual.

The always lovely Bette Midler, at her Hulaween bash.

Yikes. Mr. Shue as Mr. Richard Simmons

Matthew Morrison from Glee as Richard Simmons. Um, yeah.

Oh, Dennis.

Dennis Quaid as a ‘Jersey Shore‘ cast member. Who knew he was working with all that?!!

Hugh Jackman and the fam.

Hugh Jackman with his family.

Julianne Moore with her family

Julianne Moore with her look-a-like daughter and boyfriend.

Pretty awesome...

Michael Sheen as Edgar Allen Poe, with his ex wife Kate Beckinsale and her husband Len Wiseman.

Is "Prince" and some strange 50's Secretary holding Xtina UP?
Oh, gurrrrl.

Christina Aguilera, as…..Christina?  What an interesting Prince!

Katie, Suri (right) and TOMMY GIRL on the left? Awwww.

And last but not least, Suri Cruise. Reportedly her costume was supposed to cost thousands of dollars. It looks pretty basic, and boring. That pretty much sums up this family.