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Foo Fighters Concert on Late Night With David Letterman – ENTIRE VIDEO

White Limo!!


Someone (I don’t care who), please tell me this isn’t the closest I’ll get to seeing the Foo Fighters live. I know, I can’t believe it either–I’ve NEVER seen them in concert. Stephen and I were going to go in 2008, but we were afraid we’d miss the birth of our 2-year old grandson, Felix. So, yeah. Thanks a LOT, Felix.

Last night — which happened to be David Letterman’s 64th birthday! — Dave, Taylor and the boys dressed up like the Beatles to play a full concert for the lucky audience at The Ed Sullivan Theater.  (Get it?  The BeatlesEd Sullivan?)  Dave Letterman and Foo Fighters have had a long-time love affair, with the FF’s playing “Everlong” when Letterman returned  to work after having quintuple bypass surgery in January of 2000.

via MTV.com

“The first 60 minutes highlighted Lights’ many strengths — namely, the growling guitars, pounding drums and stalking basslines of songs like “Bridge Burning,” “Rope” and, of course, “White Limo,” which featured an extended display of percussive pyrotechnics from Taylor Hawkins. Tracks like “Dear Rosemary” and “I Should Have Known” also added a more solemn side to the proceedings, each starting soft and somber before growing to absolute powerhouses.

As the first hour neared to a close and the last song on Wasting Light was played, fans were in for a special treat: another 60 minutes of Foo Fighters’ previous hits. And, together for the past 16 years, there were a slew of them … “All My Life,” “Times Like These,” “My Hero” (which Grohl dedicated to David Letterman), “Monkey Wrench” and more. But as the energy in the room increased with each successive smash, so did the temperature … which probably should have been the Foos cue to ditch the Beatle getups. Only, they didn’t.

“It’s so disgusting underneath this jacket right now. I feel like a wet snake,” Grohl laughed, before shooting down a fan’s request to “Take it off.”

“No, that would ruin everything! It’s supposed to look perfect. This is my party,” he said. “We were trying to figure it out. Guys like us can’t really ever get dressed up. We either look like a stoner going to court or someone that’s too old going to prom.”

God, I love Dave Grohl.

Thank you, Dave and Dave.