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‘The Voice’ Live Play-Offs, Part 1 RECAP

(Photos,videos by: Trae Patton/NBC

Brittani ~ The Girl You Want is taking a much-deserved break from recapping The Voice tonight, and since I generally suck at recaps, I thought I’d take her place to prove my point.  First things first, though. Is Carson wearing a rug?

So.  I’m gonna come right out with something: I think Usher is probably the best judge ever to sit in one of the big red twirly chairs on The Voice.  I am completely enthralled by his coaching methods.  Having his team do a singing/cardio workout was genius. I’m pretty sure a lot of big-name artists actually do this (or should) to prepare for performances, but to see Usher encourage his team to work on their technique in this manner was fascinating.  The group performance of Black and Gold was very solid and entertaining. Sometimes the group songs can be awkward and weird–not this time.

Except for Carson’s hair.

Let’s take a look at Team Usher, shall we?

Josiah Hawley, [aka “He Who Practices Sexy-Face More Than Music“] was just “meh” for me tonight.  Granted, Muse must be tough for any musician to take on, but still. I’m pretty tired of watching Pretty Boy make out with the mic. Ew. Quit falling back on your model-looks; the preening and posing is on my last good nerve.

Cathia attempted to do Whitney’s I Have Nothing.  Honestly.  Y’all should KNOW by now–if you have a thin voice, do not attempt Whitney!  Am I coming in clear?

Vedo was given Phil Collins’ Against All Odds by Usher because he thought Vedo would be able to relate the somber mood of the song, as well as see if Vedo can “stand still and sing.” Vedo, however, wasn’t terribly familiar with the 80s hit, but after a few rough spots, he pulled off a fairly decent performance. And hey, didn’t Trevin sing this last season?  We need some NEW SONGS forpitysake, people.

Michelle Chamuel’s lovely and raw performance of Cindi Lauper’s classic True Colors took some unusual coaching.  Usher can feel that Michelle has internal struggles and jumped right into her heart by asking her to rehearse the song into a full-length mirror propped up against Usher.  She had to SING THOSE WORDS TO HERSELF.  Pretty powerful stuff, Ursh, which gave way to a very powerful performance from Michelle. Nicely done.


Team Adam is filled with all young women.  I’d say two are real contenders: Amber Carrington and Judith Hill.  There. I said what everyone else was thinking.

Amber Carrington brought it tonight with Rihanna’s Stay.  Powerful and pitch-perfect, Amber was confident and worked it OUT. Loved it.


Sarah Simmons took on Angel by Sarah McLaughlin, (which automatically Pavlov’s Dogs-me into giving away all our money to the ASPCA whenever I hear it) but it was just okay for me. I know everyone loves her, but I heard plenty of sharps and flats.  Also, I don’t think the stylists know what to do with her. They want her to be Adele; but wait. No they don’t. Stevie Nicks, maybe? Not so much, either. Just realize this: bigger girls do NOT have be draped in long chiffon dresses, nor do they require being turned into a hippie.  It’s embarrassing for everyone, so get it together!


Next up, we were given Caroline Glazer.  You know, the dimpled cheeks and giant smile and French Bulldog eyes a` la Julia Stiles?  Yeah. Her. Adam keeps saying how “unique” her  voice is, but I have, perhaps, a better description: Corny, cutesy-little-hipster with a baby- yodel-voice with a guitar in a coffee shop.  Do they still snap their fingers instead of applauding? We should bring that back, just for Caroline, yes?

Judith Hill is the real pro in the entire competition this season. Her work with Michael Jackson alone is enough to consider her the front runner.  Take a listen to her rendition of Nina Simone’s Feelin’ Good.  As they like to say, “she made it her OWN“. It was smokey, bossy and that last note had such a world-weary rasp that you BELIEVED she finally DID feel good.

Oh, and Happy Birthday, Judith.  Can YOU tell us what’s up with Carson’s heeeed? Plugs? A toup? Black meringue?