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I’m Not Slacking…


Here’s what happens when you follow a blog with a writer who blabs about every little thing: You get get hear about her diverticulitis flare-up that is preventing some REAL news being written.  You know, like how Lady Gaga is warning the kids about cocaine being “the devil” on the Howard Stern Show on Sirius XM.

Anyway. Mama’s sick, sick and SICK.  Take a wee bit of pity on me, mmkay?


Please forgive me for not writing…


Could I sound a little more pathetic and desperate?  No.  And No.  Listen, here’s the thing.  I have yet another lung infection and it is totally kicking my ass. It’s all I can do just to write this small note to alla y’all because I’m so out of breath.

I hate that Dipped in Cream is suffering and lacking in new posts.