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Kristen Stewart Thinks She’s ‘A Miserable C*nt’. Yikes.

Just pull her string!


Hypothetically, if Mattel was to make a doll of Kristen Stewart, complete with chronic bitch face, torn jeans and an overall indifference towards life, I’d like to think it would also be equipped with a voice box that recited something along the lines of “I’m a miserable c*nt” whenever a string on her back was pulled.

That might be why I was so filled with glee when this was the exact admission that Stewart herself made in a new interview with Marie Claire UK.

“I’m a miserable c*nt,” she proclaimed during the interview with Nicolas Ghesquière for the mag. “I’m not sure if I’m most happy when I’m comfortable and content or when I’m pushing myself to the limits.” She continued on to say, “There are such different versions of happy, and I really appreciate both.”

Do you really, Kristen? Although taken out of context, I can’t help but concur wholeheartedly with just the beginning part of that comment. And let’s be real, anyone could take one look at you and make that assessment all on their own.

One has to wonder if Stewart considers her chosen career to be “pushing [herself] to the limits” seeing as whether it be at premieres, awards shows, candid shots, or just plain ol’ acting in films, the girl never seems to be comfortable OR content. I suppose that shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise, though, considering this is the same person who just last year compared being photographed by the paparazzi to rape in Elle UK.

Acknowledging the fact that she’s a miserable c*nt may not be enough to cancel out all the asinine, obnoxious and ridiculous comments that Stewart has made in the media over the years, but hey, it’s a start. After all, if she can admit it, perhaps she’s more actually a lot more self-aware than I’ve ever given her credit for.

Having said all that, she’s probably just using the C-word in the manner in which the Brits do, since she’s got an English “boyfriend” [read: until the new Twilight publicity is finished].  The word basically just means that she think she’s an asshole, but whatevs.  She knew it would cause a stir, right?

Elton John Calls Madonna A ‘Fairground Stripper’ And the C-Word

Queen Bitchface Elton John


Just when we thought Elton John could be ANY bitchier, he out-bitches himself.  Luckily for us, his rage always seems directed toward Madonna.  So, here we go again.

Fairground Stripper!

During an interview with an Australian TV chat show which  aired on Sunday night, the Bitter Queen Bitch was quite vocal about the other Bitter Queen Bitch, addressing Madonna’s latest MDMA tour:

Why is she such a nightmare? Her career is over, I can tell you that. Her tour has been a disaster and it couldn’t happen to a bigger c***.”

He continued, “If Madonna had any common sense, she would have made a record like Ray of Light, stayed away from the dance stuff, and just been a great pop singer and made great pop records, which she does brilliantly. But no, she had to prove that she was like…” There, Elton trailed off, but then continued, “And she looks like a f***ing fairground stripper.” He also complained, “She’s been so horrible to Gaga” — referring to Lady Gaga, who’s godmother to Elton’s son Zachary.



Oh. Gurrrrl.