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Bush Performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live – The 90’s are Back!

Bush - Circa 2011!

Oh, “should I fly to Los Angeles — find my asshole brother“- Bush.  Personally, I think that is one of the wittiest lyrics of the 90’s.  Don’t tell me YOU don’t stop in your tracks and moan-sing along with Gavin Rossdale if Everything Zen is playing while you’re grocery shopping at the Super Walmart, because I KNOW you do.  (Okay, I think it’s more of a Ralph’s or Safeway playlist-song, but whatevs.)


Bush is back, you guys, and performed The Sound of Winter from their upcoming album Everything Always Now on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night…watch it with me, won’t you?

The 90’s are back y’all.  I’m gonna dig out my granny dresses and get a spiral perm. Where are my SOCKS?

I’ll be in the kitchen, doing the Elaine Benes Little Kicks-Dance.

Oh, Elaine. Photo:NBC

There’s no sex in your VIOLENCE!”, just so you know.