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The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Slabtown’


In Sunday night’s episode, we finally found out what happened to Beth and learned that people are alike all over

Since Beth was kidnapped, the lingering question had been who took and why. It seemed like Daryl was the only one who seemed to care that she was still out there, somewhere, and she was concerned about him, asking the female officer Dawn Lerner if he was with her when she was taken. Beth was being cared for at Grady Memorial Hospital, which was still operating thanks to a few remaining staff including a doctor named Steven Edwards. In return for them “saving” her life, she is expected to help them take care of patients and keep the place running. Right off the bat, something seems off about these people and their rules. Beth realizes that she has to pay for everything, including her food, and that the price for staying there is way too high.

When Joan, a woman who was working as a nurse, tries to escape, she is bitten by a walker and then has her arm amputated. If she was willing to take her chances with the walkers, then something must have been too awful for her to endure at the hospital. Enter Office Gorman, who you just instantly wanted to die. He makes it obvious to Beth after she’s been awake for all of 5 minutes that he wants to have sex with her, whether she wants to or not. I hate that the threat of rape is what made it possible, but in that moment, I was rooting for Beth. Rooting for her to get the hell out of there, to get back to Daryl or anyone that wasn’t going to hurt her. The only person she finds she can trust is Noah, who had then for about a year, working in the laundry room. He tells her that he thinks he was treated instead of his father because he was bigger and stronger, and they thought he would be easier to control.

When she sees a patient they brought in starting to have a seizure, she knows he’s going to die so she stabs him in the head with a pair of scissors. Officer Dawn is peeved, so Noah takes the blame for her and gets a beating from the other officers. Dawn thinks Beth is weak, pointing to the scars on her wrist from her suicide attempt, and in her delusion actually thinks that they’re all doing the right thing at the hospital. Later Beth steals some keys in Dawn’s office, where Joan has bled out and died on the floor. Seeing an opportunity, Gorman comes in to blackmail her, and just as he begins to put his hand up her shirt, Beth smashes him over the head with the lollipop jar and lets Joan have her way with him. She escapes with Noah, while hearing Dawn and another officer’s screams from down the hall, through the elevator shaft where they had been dumping the bodies of patients. Noah falls and hurts his leg, but is well enough to go outside where it looks like they could have a chance.


She shoots her way through a group of walkers, but is taken down by some officers. Noah manages to evade all of them, but how long can he last out there by himself? Inside, Dr. Edwards reveals that Beth was an important part of his plan to make sure he was the only doctor in the hospital. He purposely gave him the wrong medication, knowing that she would act. Beth had enough reason, and the courage, to kill him, but then she sees that they’ve brought in a new patient, Carol.

Unless you’re into that whole Baryl thing, she probably hasn’t been your favorite character, but Beth needed this episode. She certainly needed the growth. As slow as it had been, since she stopped feeling sorry for herself and got drunk like a normal post-teenage girl, Beth became a person and a stronger character. At times, it does seems like they make the villains, whether they be out right bad folks or ambiguously bad like the people at the hospital, extra awful to get us to cheer for their deaths. You have wonder if the main group are the last semi-sane people left in the world. Or at least Georgia.

Carol didn’t look too beat up or sick when they wheeled her in, so do you think Noah was the person Daryl found in the woods and he told them about the hospital? Or did she leave and something happened to her on the road? Tell us theories!

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The Walking Dead Recap, ‘Four Walls and a Roof’


There were some slow moments bookended by some pretty intense scenes on last night’s ‘The Walking Dead.’ Bob bit the dust, Rick got some delicious revenge, and the group splits up, for now.

There was a lot of talking in this episode, which might have worried some of the gorehound fans. Gabriel explained those creepy carvings outside on the church walls. When members of his congregations came to the church for refuge at the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, he refused to let them in. Curiously, there aren’t a lot of bodies around the church, and the group hasn’t seen that many walkers. Maybe they got tired of waiting for filet-o-priest and shuffled off. Rick is set on killing Gareth and the remaining Terminians for what they did to Bob, but Abraham thinks that going to Washington D.C., and protecting Dr. Mullet, is a bigger priority. Considering that everyone vetoed going back to Terminus to finish these fools off, they should have been with him on this. If they would have killed them when they had the chance, Bob would still have two legs, at least. Though he still wouldn’t have been completely out of the woods.


Sure enough, Bob was bitten by the water walker and he delights in telling Gareth that he is eating his tainted leg meat. Seeing as how everyone is infected, though Gareth might not know that, it really doesn’t matter. But it is still totally gross. So Bob was going to die either way, and at least his final moments were spent with Sasha. She was gung ho to take out Gareth, but her brother is still on that whole no killing people thing. I’m glad that Sasha felt like she needed to avenge Bob, defend the group, and most importantly, stick up for herself. Rick doing exactly what he said he was going to do in the season opener was a cheer worth moment that couldn’t have come sooner. Gareth deserved to die, if only because he talked too damn much.


In the light of day, when it was safe to leave, Glenn kept his promise to Abraham that if they stayed to help them, he and Maggie would leave with their group. Again, why isn’t Maggie concerned about her sister? Did she just assume she was dead? Well of course, she isn’t. We’ll find out who took Beth next episode, and it seems she was being kept at a hospital. On the map Abraham left Rick, he apologized for being a dick and hoped that he and the others would eventually join them in D.C. The world does need more Rick Grimes, doesn’t it?

Did Bob’s death leave a meaty…er…sour taste in your mouth? How do you think the group will do without two of it’s core members? Let us know!

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The Walking Dead recap, ‘Still’




If you weren’t watching the Oscars, you probably caught this slow burner of an episode which featured Daryl and Beth. Maybe I should start calling them “Baryl”, because there were a few moments when it seemed the show was headed that way. Though it left many unsatisfied, I think it tried to give Beth some much needed depth and character development and we got another tiny piece of the puzzle that is Daryl Dixon.

Along a dirt road, Baryl come across an abandoned car that they have to hide in the trunk of until a storm and a group of walkers passes. It was a tense, ‘Out of Sight‘ like moment with Daryl never putting his crossbow down during the hours they spent in there. Everyone is just trying to stay alive, but it seems like these two are having the hardest time. At least Rick, Carl and Michonne got to hunker down in a house for a bit. Not wanting to spend another night in the woods, and tired of Daryl ignoring her in favor of a burnt snake, Beth decides that she can take care of herself, and with her dad gone, she can finally try alcohol. But where to get it? They stumble upon a country club, filled with the bodies of members murdered by the staff. She does get her hands on a bottle of wine, but has to use it to kill a walker. Peach Schnapps is the only thing left in the bar and as Daryl says, if you’re going to have your first drink, it definitely should not be Peach Schnapps.




Daryl takes her to a hideout that he found with Michonne that has a supply of moonshine. Her first drink goes down smooth, but then she starts playing a game of “I’ve Never” that ends with Daryl going off on her about well, being a sheltered white girl. Some poor walker gets the worst of his rant, and I thought for a moment they were going to kiss, instead Beth offered up a hug as he cried. Later he apologized for being a dick and before they set off again they decide to burn the whole place down. Never mind that they would probably start a huge forest fire attracting a bunch of walkers, but you know, FREEDOM! Beth might not be a grooooooown woman just yet, but having a drink, something she wasn’t allowed to do in her old life and something that is seen as a “rite of passage” by many a teen, is a “normal” thing she needed to do to move on. She can take care of herself, if she really has to, but she does need others to survive. The fact that there aren’t that many people for her to depend on, at the moment, is the challenge she has to face.

Beth doesn’t see Daryl the way he sees himself, another redneck who’s never had anything. While unleashing on her, he says that he feels responsible for what happened at the prison between them and The Governor. They don’t know that anyone else survived, so the weight of all their friends and family possibly being dead is bearing down on him. Daryl has never been the friendliest dude, and he has only really opened up to Carol and Michonne, so seeing him be more human is a good thing. I have to say though, his crossbow really isn’t the most effective weapon. It does the job from a yard away, but then you have to go collect the arrows from the walkers. He should have kept one of those golf clubs!

Next week we’ll catch up with the last of the group, Maggie, Sasha and Bob and things look like they’ll get really intense for the three.