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True Blood Recap, ‘Lost Cause’


Ain’t no party like a Sookie Stackhouse party, cause it usually ends in sex. We were treated to two sex scenes this episode, one of which was long overdue for a certain character. Away from Bon Temps, Eric and Pam close in on Sarah Newlin while another vamp gets infected.



Pam And Eric Do Dallas: Willa was understandably upset that Eric turned her, then peaced out, leaving her to fend for herself. He and Pam need her to help them find Sarah, she was thisclose to being her step-mother. Willa wants out though, so she agrees to give up info on Sarah if Eric releases her as his progeny. Turns out that Sarah has a vampire sister, and may be headed back to Texas. As they ready to leave, Ginger demands they take her with them, or she gets to finally have sex with Eric. The fact that she’s only been manually and orally servicing him all these years does seem a little unfair, but her desperation even while Eric is infected wasn’t all that sexy.

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True Blood Recap, ‘Death Is Not The End’


True Blood continued it’s killing streak, almost offing a regular, but finally dealing with those irritating Hep-V vampires. Alcide’s death still hangs in the air, but it seems it won’t be too hard for Sookie to move on and perhaps reignites an old flame.

Suck It Up JessicaBaby vamp is still doing the whole self-loathing vampire thing, complete with what I guess you could call vampire anorexia. She hasn’t fed in weeks, which is why her bullet wound wasn’t healing, and although they aren’t the closest couple, James shows how much he really cares for her by trying to get her to eat. A little heart to heart, if you can really call it that, from Sookie helps a little, but it’s Lafayette’s reveal that he didn’t let himself feel guilty after he killed Jesus that got her to finally drink some blood. I hate that Lafayette’s role on the show has been reduced to giving “sassy” encouraging words to the white characters, but it’s something, I guess.


Ginger The Vampire Lover: There were another couple of flashbacks featuring Eric, Pam and their ever evolving style. Their punishment for going against The Authority was to run a business in little old Shreveport. The Magister presents them with keys to a video store, which they successfully, for the most part, run with the help or the porn shop in the basement. Flash forward 10 years to 1996, they meet Ginger, a college student obsessed with vampire movies who instantly falls in love with Eric. In 2006, she presents Pam with the idea for Fangtasia, a bar and nightclub where her beloved Eric can sit on his throne all night looking dark and mysterious. Pam loves the idea, so much that she glamours it away from poor Ginger. All of this is meant to set up their big showdown with Sarah Newlin, and to remind us how important they are to each other. But didn’t we know that already?

The Stackhouses Take A Stand: Both Sookie and Jason had some pretty tough phone calls to make. She to Alcide’s dad Jackson, whom I had totally forgotten about. Jason got really emotional during his conversation with Hoyt, but then had to remind himself that Hoyt doesn’t remember who he is. All the Bellefleur mansion, she uses her powers to get Holly to retrace her whereabouts so that they could find Arlene and Nicole. The whole thing leaves Holly shaken, but it works. Then she has to round up a gang to go bust into Fangtasia to rescue them, but not before she shares a tender moment with Eric. I was with Pam on this one, all this felt so unnecessary. Her werewolf boyfriend is dead, and now she suddenly misses Eric? Jason gives the best/worst pep talk ever and then they all head out, with Sookie using herself as bait to entice the Hep-V vamps. It works, but of course Vince and his mob get in the way. He’s staked in the head by Bill, and the others are killed during the fight. Arlene almost bites the dust herself after she is nearly drained, but it saved by a cute vamp named Keith.

Yes, it was Jason. The cameo by Todd Lowe as Terry while Arlene was dying made me tear up a little. Then the lingering stare between Eric and Sookie took me out of the moment. So we’re basically back to square one with Sookie having to choose between Dead Guy #1 and Dead Guy #2. At least Bill isn’t a douche anymore.



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True Blood Recap, ‘Fire In The Hole’


Folks are dropping like flies in Bon Temps. It’s pretty early in the season for another huge death, but we probably should have seen this one coming. This episode had a couple flashbacks, which meant big 80s hair, and the return of the villain who just won’t go away.


Lafayette and James: The only other scenes not involving bloody murder, Willa got a bit of Lettie Mae’s backstory from Reverend Daniels as she drank his blood, belonged to these two. James seeks refuge, and drugs, at Laffy’s and spills his guts to him. The honeymoon is over for him and Jessica, but while he seems to be drifting farther apart for her, he’s getting really close to Mr. Reynolds. Because vamps can’t swallow pills, Lafayette takes a couple and lets James drink his blood so they can get high together. In case you hadn’t heard, the previous actor who played James quit the show because of the direction his character was headed in. Both of them need a satisfying relationship, but I wonder how Jessica would take the news that James left her for a man whose eyeliner looks better than hers. Continue Reading