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ABC’s ‘Once Upon A Time’ – Good Storytelling


ABC is owned by Disney, so it’s only fitting the network would have a show based on fairy tales. Once Upon A Time stars Jennifer Morrison as  bailbonds collector Emma Swan. On her 28th birthday, she is visited by the son she gave up for adoption ten years ago. Henry, played by Jared Gilmore, convinces Emma to drive him back to a little town called Storybrooke where all it’s residents are actually characters from the stories in his book. His therapist is Jiminy Cricket, and his teacher, played by Ginnifer Goodwin, is Snow White.

Photos: ABC

The show switches numerous times from the real world to the fantasy world of the Enchanted Forest. The colorful fake world is a lot more interesting of course, but the back and forth was a little tiring. While in Storybrooke, Emma meets Henry’s adoptive mother Regina Mills, played by Lana Parilla. She is the town’s Mayor, and also happens to be the Evil Queen and HBIC of the Enchanted Forest. After he life was ruined by Snow White and Prince Charming, Emma’s parents, she curses them and they are forced to abandon their child until she can return to save them. Confusing? Yeah, a little. Too many fairy tales at once but somehow it kind of works. Oh yeah, Rumplestiltskin, played by Robert Carlyle, is thrown in here too.

I’m excited to see where this goes, and how it stacks up against NBC‘s Grimm, another show based on fairy tales which premieres this Friday. So Once Upon A Time is on my watch list for now, so expect weekly updates!

If only so I can see True Blood‘s Kristen Bauer as Maleficent!