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The Voice Recap, Week 3 Battle Rounds (Videos)

While some “stars” were hitting their two step on another network, 12 more singers battled it out for a chance to move on to the live shows of The Voice. The coaches had some tough decisions to make as they put some of their best team members against each other. But it made for some really good performances.

Team Adam

Adam’s team was up first, he chose Pip and Nathan Parrett to sing Amy Winehouse‘s “You Know I’m No Good.” I thought this was kind of an interesting choice for the two of them because it’s not really either of their styles. Pip, the one with the bow ties, thought Adam was favoring Nathan more during their first session. I didn’t catch that, but Nathan did need a bit more help than him. Alanis Morrisette helped mentor Pip and told him that he should take it down a notch because restraint is better. Obviously coming from a Broadway background, Pip doesn’t know how not to sing big.

Robin Thicke got Nathan to loosen up a bit, how many times did he tell him to take his hands out of his pockets? When it came to the performance, I didn’t think either of them had the best stage presence but they both sounded good together. Adam didn’t have a hard time with this one, him and the other coaches loved Pip. So uh, Pip Pip Hooray, I guess.

Adam’s second battle was with Angel Taylor and Katrina Parker. He chose Leona Lewis‘ “Bleeding Love” for them to sing. I wasn’t too excited for this paring, Angel did nothing for me during the auditions and I don’t think I even remembered Katrina, but during the song rundown with Adam I instantly knew who would win. Angel had a little trouble with song, and Adam noted that she got a little pitchy during the chorus. She obviously worked on that because she sounded much better on stage than she did during rehearsals. Katrina got nothing but praise, but had to deal with some serious nerves. She got over them on stage and surprisingly they didn’t sound too bad together. In the end, Adam added Katrina to his team. [Editor’s Note: DivaJulia wishes the judges would just stop with the Adele comparisons to Kristina. She’s a thick white blonde girl who can really sing. Knock it off. It’s insulting.]

Team Cee Lo

I still contend that Cee Lo has the oddest team this season. He paired the Shield Brothers with former model Erin Martin, they sang Tina Turner‘s “What’s Love Got To Do With It.” Erin was worried that she wouldn’t be heard and kept asking for different parts to sing, which Cee Lo didn’t look to happy about. You think maybe he would have encouraged her to sing out more.

While rehearsing with Babyface, he likened the brothers to Wayne’s World. The two are used to shouting and rocking out, but I think they did a good job of toning that down. Ne-Yo and Cee had to try to get Erin to be more sexy. As Cee said, “I think you’re trying to be attractive, not sexy.” This was an interesting criticism, but it kind of made sense. She’s a model so she can pretend to be sexy, but it had to come though when she was singing. To pull out that sexiness she strutted on stage looking pretty hot and showing off those legs I’m sure made her a lot of money. Even with all of that, I just don’t like her voice. It’s too Macy Gray-ish for me. The Shield bros didn’t really do it for me either, but they came off okay. I think there were  some missed opportunities for some ad-libbing from the three of them.  Adam thought it was weird, Christina loved it and of course Blake was glad Erin wore that outfit. I think Cee Lo was too, he picked her to go on to the live rounds.

Team Christina

Chrissy put one of my favorites from the auditions, Jonathas, against Ashley De Le Rosa. The two sang Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown‘s “No Air.” My first thought was if Miranda Lambert would call for a boycott of Christina’s song choices. Anyways, so Jonathas has the perfect voice for this because he sounds so much like well, almost every male Pop/R&B singer out there, but that is kind of his problem. He was told to work on his originality, and during final rehearsals Chrissy had to tell him to stop mouthing the words while Ashley was singing. While Jonathas sounds like a Brazilian Usher, Ashley was told that it could be a chance for her to show off her voice. The two did a great job with the song, and Jonathas didn’t step over Ashley’s vocals. I was certain that he had it in the bag, but for some reason all of the coaches really liked Ashley. Xtina chose her to stay on the team.

Team Blake

Blake picked for backup singer Jermaine Paul to sing against ALyX (sigh) with Billy Ocean‘s “Get Out Of My Dreams, Get Into My Car.” Somewhere, Tanya from Everybody Hates Chris is smiling. Look it up. Jermaine barely needed any coaching or mentoring, Kelly Clarkson loved him and even invited him on tour. She also said that she wishes “the show she was on“, *ahem* Idol, had battle rounds like this. ALyX’s problem was that she couldn’t “cut loose” and have fun. The way she was acting made me wonder if the word fun and everything defining it was banned in her house as a child. During the performance she did come out of her shell a little, even throwing in a “sometimes you just gotta say what the hell” at the end of the song. Um, what now girl? Even that forced bit of “Fun” couldn’t help her, the other coaches loved Jermaine and for once Blake made the right choice.

His second battle featured the last contestants for the night. Erin Willett and Gwen Sebastian sang Pat Benetar‘s “We Belong.” Erin’s problem was that she apparently stands out too much, which I wanted to tell her wasn’t a bad thing. Gwen didn’t want their performance to come off like a battle, she wanted it to be a show. While rehearsing with Blake and his wife, Miranda thought it was nice that Gwen was so considerate of Erin and how they would sing the song. Maybe Gwen was aware of Erin’s family trouble as well. Unfortunately, just as they getting ready to perform Erin received the news that her dad’s health had taken a turn for the worse. He told her that it was important that she stay and live out her dream so Erin decided to go on with the performance. On stage Gwen and Erin’s voices really complimented each other and I think the emotional things she was dealing with offstage really helped Erin to bring out the emotion in the song. I think they both deserved to go on, but Blake went with Erin. At the end of the show there was a dedication to her dad who had passed away before the airing.

There’s one more battle round before we move on to the live shows and then we get to vote. Hopefully there will be more appearances from Cee Lo’s cat.


American Idol Recap, Who Went Home?

Last night’s show was overshadowed by the drama surrounding Jeremaine Jones‘ criminal past, and the Idol producers deciding to publicly shame him.  Anything for ratings, FOX? We’re surprised there wasn’t a stoning with all current and former Idol contestants just to amp it up to 11. Ugh.

There were some good performances, but I wasn’t surprised by who ended up in the bottom.

After performances by Demi Lovato and Idol’s own Daughtry, we got down to nitty gritty. Now Jimmy Iovine didn’t appreciate (but we did!) that the judges told Elise that she shouldn’t be listening to him, he liked her performance but she was still in the bottom. Also with the least votes were Erika Van Pelt and Shannon Magrane, Jennifer was none too happy about this.

Buh-bye, Shannon.

It was revealed that Shannon had the least votes, and she would have to sing for her life. She chose her song from last night again, “One Sweet Day,” but the fact that she was so emotional didn’t really help her. The judges didn’t use their one save and Shannon was sent home.

On a happier note, legendary soul singer Percy Sledge sent a personal message to Joshua, telling him he did a great job with his performance. We also got a look at the shows new stylist Tommy Hilfiger. No wonder the contestants looked so much better last night than they did the first official show.

So, here is the Top 10, which we got to quicker than I expected, they’ll be the lucky ones touring this Summer. Joshua LedetPhillip PhillipsSkylar Laine, Jessica Sanchez, Colton Dixon, DeAndre BrackensickHollie CavanaghHeejun HanElise Testone and Erika Van Pelt.

Are you guys even watching Idol?