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Dave Grohl and Taylor Hawkins Bring the Funny to Conan (Video)

Tay and Davey

I want to go out on the tour bus with Dave and Taylor…just for a day. I don’t think I could take much more.  From all of the LAUGHING, you guys–get your minds outta the sewer, for once.

These two are ALWAYS having fun.

Did you catch Foo Fighters on Conan last night?  It was a classic.  The boys discuss how they are nearly always in drag in their videos, why Dave doesn’t really care for the band’s name…and other funny stuff.

Does anyone else remember the toys called Food Fighters?  My oldest son, Alex had all of them back in 1988.  The chicken leg, the hotdog…all of ’em.  So 16 years ago, when I heard Dave was in a new band I totally thought it was FOOD FIGHTERS.  There’s no way I’m the only one who thought that.


Then there was this a-hole:  The Taco.  Just look at him.

GAAAAAAH! He's gonna punch me!

Actually, they were all pretty horrible, but man, did we love ’em.

As usual, I’ve totally veered completely off-topic…or did I?? Hmmmm???