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Bret Michaels On The Cover Of Billboard Magazine

Time once again for the boiling eye bleach!
You're welcome.

Let me just say, I’m sorry. I am so sorry to do this to you. Is Bret Michaels sorry?  Well, in a way, no.  He wants you to see.  He want you to know that he’s just as hot as he was back in the 80s. I can’t wait to see this covered up by an issue of SPIN or Q Magazine the next time I’m in Borders. Billboard isn’t really known for their covers, and I don’t know anyone that actually buys or even reads it. This was just so unnecessary and I want to hit everyone involved with it.  So Bret can be buck naked, but won’t take off that stupid bandanna? Well, his hair is attached to it, so….

If you’re still reading, Bret was Photoshopped to hell because he is promoting his new reality show, Life As I Know It. How is life combing your hair on a Barbie head and juggling skanks, Bret?

“It’s an all access pass into my every day life, about finding balance between my passion for my family, my relationship with Kristi (his girlfriend) and being on the road,” he said.

He also chats about how he has survived the biz this long, “Writers always use the phrase ‘aging rocker,’ and I’m like, “What other option do I have?” You’re either aging or you’re dead. So I’m embracing it.”

Well, at least Bret doesn’t take himself that seriously. Although I don’t know how he expect’s anyone else to either.

Miley Cyrus and Bret Michaels perform “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” on GMA

Miley and Brett

Guess what?  I didn’t hate watching this video of  Bret Michaels and Miley Cyrus performing Poison’s classic, Every Rose Has It’s Thorn on “Good Morning America” today.  Miley started out a little shaky, but babygirl belted it out at the end.  I was pretty impressed.  And Bret–well, God bless him…seriously.  Think about where this dude was just ONE MONTH ago.  No one thought he’d make it through, let alone get onstage again.

Now this song is stuck in my head, and probably will be for the rest of the day. Awwwwwesome.

I Know Who Won Celebrity Apprentice! Do YOU Wanna Know? SPOILER!

Entire 2010 Celebrity Apprentice Cast

I hate to say that I’ve never watched one single episode of “Celebrity Apprentice”, but I was most definitely rooting for someone.

Okay.  Here’s your opportunity to STOP READING.  I’ll wait.

via TVGuide.com

“The live two-hour season finale was especially momentous for Michaels, who, since filming the reality show, suffered a brain hemorrhage April 22. Michaels was in critical condition for a week after the hemorrhage before his release from the hospital in early May.

The 47-year-old rocker suffered another setback May 20 when he was hospitalized with a stroke. Michaels’ appearance on NBC’s Celebrity Apprentice finale was his second since his brain hemorrhage and his first since his subsequent stroke. But despite his three hospitalizations, including an emergency appendectomy April 12, Michaels was determined to make it to New York for the live finale.

The finale was emotional for both Michaels and Robinson Peete because of their respective charities. Michaels suffers from Type 1 diabetes and played for the American Diabetes Association. Robinson Peete raised money for her foundation, HollyRod, which helps those whose quality of life has been diminished by disease or disorder. Robinson Peete’s 12-year-old son, RJ, suffers from autism.

Michaels and Robinson Peete began the final challenge, to create and market a new flavor of Snapple Iced Tea, in the penultimate episode. With the help of fired contestants Darryl Strawberry and Summer Sanders, Michaels launched the Trop-A-Rocka flavor of Diet Snapple. Robinson Peete created Compassionberry tea with recently fired contestants Curtis Stone and Maria Kanellis.

On the live part of Sunday’s finale, Michaels walked with a limp and appeared to have slight drooping on the left side of his face (which earlier this week, his rep attributed to the hemorrhage as well as his medications). But Michaels was back to his old self, as he bumped his fists against his chest to thank the crowd and walked over to personally thank every one of the fired contestants on stage.

Talking with Trump, Michaels said his doctors advised him not to travel to New York for the finale. “It’s been a rough go, but I’m glad I’m here,” he said. Speaking about Michaels’ illness, Robinson Peete acknowledged the great public support for her opponent (which she dubbed “Michaels mania”) and said that even her 5-year-old son was rooting for Michaels to win.

Michaels joked about getting the sympathy vote, saying, “I’ll take a vote any way I can get it” and argued he didn’t travel this far (from Arizona) to lose.

In the end, Donald Trump chose Michaels to become his latest apprentice — meaning $250,000 will go to the American Diabetes Association. Just before announcing his decision, Trump said Snapple had matched the grand prize so $250,000 will also go to HollyRod.”

I would have been a cryin’ SHAME if Bret (along with his all-in-one hat/bandanna/wig–which he really should have won the prize for, by the way) had not won.

For reals.