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Nike Ad – “Write the Future” World Cup

Watch. This. Now.

Photo: Nike

Ho. Lee. Crap. I’m not even a huge soccer football fan; in fact, all I know about the sport is David Beckham in his Armani briefs.  HOWEVER.  My mouth hung open and I got a case of the shivers watching this Nike advertisement (I said “ad-VER-tizment”, like a nice British bird.)

via www.slate.com

“The Spot: Soccer stars imagine the alternate universes they might create with their play—good or bad—in the upcoming World Cup. Will they be winners or losers? Heroes or goats? Adored celebrities or shunned trailer park shut-ins? It can all hang on a single kick of the ball. As the spot closes, the words “Write the Future” appear above the familiar Nike swoosh.”

If only Becks were able to play this time around, I think this would have been the definition of perfection in advertising. Still, it’s bloody close.