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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Kill It In Hilarious Emmy Promo – Barely Legal Pawn



I’m not even kidding when I tell you people that I would watch Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul do LAUNDRY. Basically, I just want a USTREAM “puppy-cam”-type deal, following them around 24/7. Is that too much to ask? AnyOBSESSION. Let’s all take a peek-a-loo at the awesomeness that is the Barely Legal Pawn Emmy promo. (Oh yeah, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is in the clip, as well.)

I tell ya what, Bryan Cranston can get all smarmy with me anytime he damn-well pleases–snakeskin boots and all. I’m totally gonna be wearing my “Tread Lightly” shirt on Monday, August 25th and screaming like a 13 year old One Direction goon when (not bloody IF) Bryan wins for Best Actor in a Drama for Breaking Bad.


You’re goddamn right.

2014 Emmy Nominations Announced – FULL LIST – And Why Breaking Bad Should Sweep The Awards


So, here’s the FULL list of the 2014 Emmy Nominations that were announced this morning by Mindy Kaling and Carson Daly. Take a quick scan for you favorites, then we’ll chat.


Drama Series

Breaking Bad
Downton Abbey
Game of Thrones
House of Cards
Mad Men
True Detective

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‘Breaking Bad’ Box Set Now Available For Only $200 – Vince Gilligan Shows Why It’s Totally Worth It



Oh. My. Gyaaaaah.  No. Seriously.  Just look at all the cool crap you get for  $200 when you buy the coveted Breaking Bad Box Set. I just cannot. (And at this price, I probably WILL not…) Nevertheirregardless, let’s listen to our Beloved Creator [of BBVince Gilligan spell it all out for us, shall we?

First of all? Yes, and HELL YES. And that apron?? Good Lort.  But it’s the extras dvd that I’m salivating over. I need to see more bloopers with Bryan and Aaron not being able to hold it together. It makes me all warm and gooey inside. (Ew.) But seriously. It does. I just want to swaddle that barrell up and carry it around like a baby.

So save yourself the hassle of those big stores, parking, throwing elbows and just order it from Amazon. For ME.