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Kathy Griffin’s Talk Show to Debut on BRAVO in April!

Kathy Griffin

It’s about bloody time Kathy Griffin got her own talk-show–even if it’s only one night per week.  I have no idea who she’ll be able to actually book on her new BRAVO late-night chat-fest, but I’ll tune in just to see her. (IF I remember…)

via THR:

The Emmy-winning reality star, comedian and actress joins the competitive world of nighttime talks shows with her new weekly Bravo pop culture show, Kathy, on April 19 at 10 p.m.

Look, I’ve called Academy Award winners a-holes and shown the world my awesome 51 year-old boobs,” Griffin says in a release to press. “So I asked myself, ‘What else is there to do?’ ”

I’m a true original,” she continues. “A snowflake! Time for a talk show, of course! So I called Bravo and clearly, they wanted to see pop culture get bent over by me, so here we go! It WILL hurt, America, but in a good way, I promise. Weeee!!!!”

Are you gonna watch?