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Happy Birthday, Brandon Boyd (from Incubus, come ON) !



First of all, before anyone else says it, I know. I know Brandon Boyd bears a striking resemblance to my beautiful son Hunter.  In face, if George Harrison and Brandon somehow had a child,  he would be Hunter.  Hunter Brandon Harrison.  So there.  I get it.


What I don’t wanna hear are any wise-ass remarks pertaining to some Freudian crap or any Oedipus references.  Can’t a Mum just be happy her baby boy turned into a beauty like her favorite musicians, forpitysake?


Photo: John Miller

ANYlovemyboy,  I’ve posted my favorite Incubus song, and one of my favorite all-time songs by anyone, EVER, “Dig“.  Take a moment a listen to the words.

Happy 37th Birthday, Brandon Boyd.

Just sayin’.

Happy Birthday, Jane Child! “I Don’t Wanna Fall In Love” VIDEO

Sing it, Sister!

You know what? Don’t even try to lie. You are either full-on dancing or wiggling on your couch right now. (I’m doing a combination of the two, FYI…like what y’all do in the car at the red light.)

Jane Child is 45 today. This fantastic single and video debuted on MTV in 1989. I had a newborn baby boy, who’s now 22 and another boy in kindergarten, who’s 27 years old. That 27 year old absorbed this song into his smart little head and as an adult scoured all the used cd shops in Seattle to find all of Jane’s cds. In fact, we found one while we were having a “Mama and Boy Day” right before we saw Incubus at the Paramount Theatre that night. It’s also Brandon Boyd’s birthday today–he’s 36??   (Holy Lord. We are gettin’ OLD up in here.)

So, yes.  It’ll probably be a two-fer today on the Birthday Roll-Call!

Incubus Frontman, Brandon Boyd Donates His Artwork

Oh, Brandon. You sweet thing.

Brandon Boyd is donating his own sea life artwork to the clothing line Hurley to benefit the organization Helping Other People Everywhere (HOPE).  Brandon, an avid surfer and generally all-around sweet, hippie, tree-hugger/ocean worshiper dude stated:

“It seemed like it was time we truly put our collective heads together to make a real dent in a situation that affects us all, most importantly the swiftly growing problems in our oceans. We start herein as surfers and musicians, and are moving forward as stewards of our island.”

Ahhhh....the Ocean Breeeeze.

Okay.  I’ll own it — any chance to post about Brandon Boyd, I WILL. And this video, “Last Night a Passenger” is heartbreakingly beautiful.

My oh my, where on earth am I?“, indeed.

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