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Bradley Cooper Named ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ by People Magazine

The Sexiest Ostrich Alive!

I always forget about this little tradition until People magazine rolls out it’s annual list of the ‘Sexiest Men Alive.’ This year’s cover boy is Bradley Cooper, not the most ambitious choice, but I do like him. The 36-year old star thought he was being pranked when he heard the news, 

“I’m waiting for Dax Shepard to come out, and that it’s an episode of Punk’d,” he said. On what the sexiest thing he’s ever done for a woman, Coop tells People, “Getting on a plane to go get them.”

Also featured in the issue are Liam Hemsworth who will be starring in the upcoming The Hunger Games, he’s also known for dating Miley Cyrus, Captain America star Chris Evans, Justin Theroux, (and we ALL know the reason HE made the list *coughANISTONcough*),the star of my new favorite show American Horror Story Dylan McDermott.


Then there’s the man who should have been named Sexiest Alive, Idris Elba.

You can check out the rest of the guys when the issue hits newsstands this Friday!

[Editor’s NoteDivaJulia wants to know where the GOTdamnhell is JASON STATHAM is on this list? 

Mr. Statham DESERVED to at least be on the list.

And how about Daniel Craig?  Yes.  I have a thing for Brits.

I say gotdaaayum, Mr. Craig.

Oh…and here’s a thought–what about that hot piece of ass, designer and perfectly groomed, Tom Ford?  Are gay men are excluded from this Beauty Contest?

Hey, People Magazine? How Sexy is Mr. Ford?? VERRRRY.

Oh. Wait. Maybe they already did.  Wink wink. Nudge nudge. Anyway, go get your new issue of People Magazine.]

Bradley Cooper in Talks to Star in ‘The Crow’ Remake

Bradly Cooper as Eric Draven?
Brandon Lee = Eric Draven/The Crow

Okay look, I like Bradley Cooper.  In fact, you could say I fancy him quite a bit, but I can’t get down with this remake. Hollywood is on a rebooting wave, and The Crow is next.  Bradley Cooper is in early negotiations to star in Relativity’s remake, which is going to be directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo. Fresnadillo reportedly met Cooper in Spain recently and the two hit it off.  So this already seems like more than a done deal.

Brandon Lee

The role of Eric Draven was originally played by Brandon Lee in the 1994 adaptation of the comic book. Lee was killed on set when was shot in the abdomen with a blank cartridge in a prop gun.  No word yet on if this character will return in the remake, or if it will be another “Crow” like in the sequels. Vincent Perez, Eric Mabius and Edward Furlong (when did that happen?) starred in the sequels.

I guess the upside to this is that the soundtrack could be really good. Nine Inch Nails and Stone Temple Pilots appeared on the soundtrack for the first film, while Hole, White Zombie and Bush appeared on the City of Angels soundtrack. Also, Cooper does have that body.

[Editor’s Note: I (DivaJulia) am an absolute FREAK over the original film with the perfect BRANDON LEE (RIP). I just CAN’T with this mess.  I refused to see any of the sequels/prequels or whatever they were that were made.  They smacked of exploitation of Brandon’s death…and I won’t be seeing this film either.  I’m still heartbroken over Brandon’s tragic and completely avoidable death. Please watch this video of Brandon’s last interview.]

Photos by: jaBrink/Dipped in Cream

Lakeview Cemetery - Seattle, Washington

These words are from Brandon's last interview...posted above.

Bruce and Brandon - Buried together in Seattle

Nearly every time I’m in the city, I stop to visit Bruce and Brandon… ~ j

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger SPLIT. Whaaa? No Way. (Eyeroll…)

Yeah. Feel that heat? Me, either.

This couple just never seemed real to me, so I’m not surprised that Beardly and Pinchy McLemonface “broke up”…just in the nick time for the premiere of  Cooper’s film, Limitless.  Any publicity is good publicity, and we know it.

According to US Magazine:

Bradley Cooper and Renee Zellweger have reached their limit.

After less than two years together, the couple have split, multiple sources confirm to UsMagazine.com. Reps for both Cooper and Zellweger had no comment.

Limitless star Cooper, 36, first met Oscar winner Zellweger, 41, six years ago on the set of their thriller Case 39 — but romance didn’t bloom until summer 2009.”

So, just a sidebar here:  Have you ever seen a “serious” actress pose as HARD as Pinchy does?

On the SIDEWALK outside Letterman.

Drives. Me. Crazy.