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Happy Birthday, Boy George, You Bitch. (Pictures and Video)

We haven't forgotten you, Boy.
Lookin' hot, Mr. George Alan O'Dowd

Y’all know I’m not mean, unless I have a good excuse.  You know, like how Hannibal Lecter didn’t kill someone without a gotdamn good reason.  Same thing.  (Did you know I, too, can lower my pulse on demand? Ask me about that later…), and bear that in mind.

My regular readers know why I don’t care for this bitter queen. It has a little something to do with some crazyMEAN comments made here on Dipped in Cream allegedly by Boy George. **COUGH I have an IP address/city/country, etc. tracker COUGH**.

ANYgay.  I’m not gonna be all that hateful…I have a lot of fond memories of Culture Club from back in the day, but I really love this song:

Oh, Crying Game.  Fantastic song.

Happy 50th Birthday, Boy, you mean bitch, you.  Love ya!!