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*NSYNC Creates Official Twitter Account



So. That happened! There I was, trolling the ‘net, when both Twitter and Facebook seemingly exploded. The reason? *NSYNC was now live, and verified, on Twitter. But, wait! They’re not a group anymore! Au contraire. This is actually something we just don’t know.

Signs, like the “rumored” reunion at the VMAs are certainly pointing to the affirmative, regardless of Lance Bass‘ apparent denial. Is the boy band reuniting for a single VMA performance in honor of Justin Timberlake receiving the ‘Video Vanguard’ award? Or is something more long-term in the works? Or…was the original plan for a one-shot, with the ensuing fan reaction, enough to make the former members rethink their solo statuses? Again, we just don’t know. But it’s very telling that the account obtained over 30, 000 followers in the 4 hours since it’d been created. Clearly, the fans are still around (akin to those of the Backstreet Boys/NKOTB) and there is money to be made. To answer the question posed in their first official tweet, I’m going to say that the mic is definitely on.

In case you weren’t around during *NSYNC’s heyday, this is what you “missed”: