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Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart ADOPT! (A Boxer Puppy!)


Don’t you hate it when bloggers post a dumb item with a completely misleading headline? Me, too.   AnyDARLING.  Looks like JLo and her third child boyfriend, Casper Smart have adopted a baby boxer pup named “Bear”.


JLo’s Baby Boxer, Bear

 Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart’s Puppy, Bear (Twitter)

Bear’s mighty precious.  Hey–LOTS of cool folks have or have had boxers (COUGH DivaJulia and SilverFox COUGH).

Here’s our boy, James the One-Eyed Boxer!


Photo by: Luna Azul – Dog Hair Don’t Care, Irvine, CA 


Check it out!

Lauren Bacall with her (and Bogey’s) Boxers


Humphrey Bogart
Billie Holiday
Nat King Cole
Benji Madden
Rocky Marciano
Charlton Heston
Pablo Picasso
Sylvester Stallone
Carroll O’Connor
Robin Williams
George Clooney
Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Flea (musician)

Let’s not forget Justin Timberlake’s boxers, Buckley and Brennan!  

JT with B&B!


Little DOLLIES!!  

So, congrats to JLo–she has great taste in dogs!

Sugar the Boxer, Brought Back to Life!

Sugar the Boxer dog, who was in the middle of a training class in the Seattle area, suffered a seizure then stopped breathing for two full minutes.  Sugar’s owner, Tiffany Kauth, was understandably distraught at the sight of her precious boxer who appeared to have died suddenly.  That’s when trainer, Ron Pace jumped into action:

via Q13Fox:

“For two long “unimaginable” minutes Tiffany Kauth’s dog, Sugar, stopped breathing and appeared dead.

Kauth and her boxer, Sugar, were in the right place at the right time. They were at a dog training class led by Ron Pace.

Kauth says “Sugar fell backwards, had a seizure and then stopped breathing.”

That’s when Pace jumped in and performed CPR on the dog. “It’s just kind of a natural instinct, for me to get in and try to get the thing to breathe…I’m not a trained professional in that, but it did work.”

In the video you see Sugar begin to come to life, and eventually watch her rib cage rise and fall as he begins to breathe.”

The video is tough to watch and hear, but the outcome is nothing short of amazing:


Oh, Sugar!!