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Guest Review – Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ CD



OKAY, so it’s finally here—the album that most critics have a problem with, but that most GAGA fans could NOT wait for!  And speaking from a total fan’s, not pop music bitchy critic’s point of view, I love the album. I questioned whether or not I would like the album, turning over different scenarios in my head—imagining what I’d say to others, especially my brother, if I really didn’t like BTW, but wanted to pretend as though I did.  Thankfully, I don’t have to rely on the bullshit.  I love it, mostly (there are a few songs that I’m not head over heels for just yet, but it’ll happen for meh, just like I eventually warmed up to “Teeth” and “LoveGame“).

Let me just go ahead and say that I’m a BIG sucker for beat… Diva Julia described BTW like this: “The Seattle gays are going to SPRAY all over the walls of the clubs when the album drops.”  I believe she was right.  The beats are sick.  I love “Marry the Night” and while “Edge of Glory” is just a bit campy, I have fallen for the song (save the little 1990’s sitcom bit where the saxophone takes over).

My faves:

Marry the Night” is destined to be a HUMONGOUS club hit.  The stiff beat with the intimate intro has me hooked.  I’m bobbin’ my head now & thinkin’ about how I’m gonna make this Friday night my own.

I like everything about “The Edge of Glory” from the lyrics all the way to Gaga singing her Monster heart out alongside great music.

We all love “Born This Way” by now.  It’s a great song and has a message that I, along with everyone, loooves.

Government Hooker” is fi-yah.  I don’t think the song could get any better—remix it somebody, prove me wrong!  Maybe I just like that she wants JFK to lay hands on her!

I’m still in love with “Judas”, baby.  Hey, have you listened to the DJ White Shadow remix?  Listen ‘cause it’s sweeeeet!

Scheiße” isn’t shit at all.  It’s pretty hot.  I don’t know if it’s the German or if it’s the way that the music seems to be doing the dirrrty with Gaga’s spoken word…

You and I” is  is the only really slowed-down, rock-y song on the entire album.  Gaga premiered it months ago during her Monster Ball shows, seated at her piano.

I couldn’t even sit still listening to “Highway Unicorn (Road to Love).”  I’ve already ridden around in Lola (my sweet BMW Z4) 12 times listenin’ to it.

Potential faves:

I like “Bad Kids” is because it has the same theme of bad, but I still love you as “Judas” does.  The lyric “Give me your money or I’ll hold my breath” seemed a little forced to me (even though DivaJulia loves the freakish line!).

Hair” is so simple, but the more I listen it, the more complex it is.  Almost everyone I know lives vicariously through their hair.  Some may think it’s outrageous for someone to sing about it, but it’s Gaga y’all.

It won’t be long till I bump “Heavy Metal Lover” up to faves.  I like the music, the beat, the lyrics are a bit shaky and not really sang, but I like ‘em.  Ooo, ooo, ooo!

At first, “Americano” was on my ehhhs list, but I moved it to potential faves, then I moved it back to ehhhs, then back to potential faves.  I think it’ll grow on everyone, including me.

The ehhhs:

Bloody Mary” is low on my list right now… I just don’t know about it, yet.

Electric Chapel” will have people screamin’ Madonna for sure!  I like the guitar solo, but I’m not crazy about this cut–yet. Again with the “yet”.

Black Jesus + Amen Fashion”, “Fashion of His Love” and “The Queen” are just okay.  It will take listening to the three of these songs before I load them onto my Droid for future playing while on the go.

To wrap this up, I’m curious if this is the direction that Lady Gaga is heading with her music retro-electro-self help-like tunes that really get ya going.  If that’s the case, I’m totes down with it.  I’m definitely on the road to loving “Born This Way” just as I love “The Fame Monster” and I really think that people are gonna catch on to the songs if they haven’t already.

Sit back down in your corner y’all, Gaga’s not leaving without us.  PAWS UP, BITCHES!











~ Thanks DivaJulia for lettin’ me squawk.

~ Colby

Lady Gaga and Maria Aragon Duet in Toronto

Lady Gaga and "Lady" Maria...

Goosebumps. Yep. I’ve got ’em.

Someone refresh my memory here: Are there any other pop Divas who would embrace the talent of a mere child and invite them to perform ONSTAGE with them for almost five minutes? Yeah. I can’t remember anyone either. Madonna? Mariah? Whitney? Britney? Celine? Barbra? J.Lo? Christina? Michael Jackson? (If that one did happen, I don’t wanna know about it…just sayin’.)  ANYLadies.

Just watch this…

via TorontoLife.com

“…Maria Aragon’s stadium debut last night: not only was this the first trip to Toronto for the 10-year-old Winnipeg girl, but she performed alongside Lady Gaga onstage in front of thousands of people at the Air Canada Centre. Dressed in a Gaga-meets-tween outfit, complete with shiny black pants, a pink shirt and a white hat, Aragon took the stage to screaming fans. She perched on Gaga’s lap, and the pair sang a piano-based duet of “Born This Way”—with Aragon working the keys and Gaga the peddles, no less—after which Aragon thanked Gaga, her family, friends and supporters. The most touching part? Lady Gaga’s tears as Aragon exited the stage. “You know, if I could touch just one person, it’s enough for me. So, just knowing I touched one person, it means the world. So thank you for being here tonight,” Gaga said.”

Y’all can come back at me and say this was a calculated publicity stunt all you like.  I’d rather write about this sweet gesture than knowing that no one is allowed to make eye-contact with The Talent!

“Born This Way” Video Released–We Got It!

"I told you it was gonna hurt..."

I hope everyone has had their morning epidural. Oh, and this will leave a tear, so an episiotomy will be required. Please sign here after you read this list of possible complications:

“Episiotomy can be associated with extensions or tears into the muscle of the rectum or even the rectum itself. Other complications can include:”

  • bleeding,
  • infection,
  • swelling,
  • defects in wound closure,
  • local pain, and
  • a short-term possibility of sexual dysfunction.


Ahhhhh....that feels better.

Now go take a sits bath and get back to me.

p.s. I loved it.