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The Best and Worst of The Grammys Red Carpet And Katy Perry’s Boobs

Photos: GettyImages

Despite a ridiculous ban on certain “puffy” body parts, the red carpet for the 55th Annual Grammy Awards was filled with revealing dresses. There were legs, side and under boobs and even an astronaut. Mostly everyone looked good, but there were some questionable choices. Check out the fashions!

Upon first look, I didn’t like Beyonce‘s Osman Yusefzada jumpsuit, but when we finally caught a full shot of Bey I fell in love with it. Different, and it let her show off her beautiful shape.

Her BFF and group mate Kelly Rowland also stunned in this Georges Chakra dress with sheer stripes.

Kat Dennings didn’t look broke in this Vivienne Westwood number.

Nas didn’t look to happy to be at the show last night, but he looked good anyways.

Katy Perry‘s California Girls were front and center in this mint green Gucci. It was enough for us to ignore her date for the festivities.

Florence Welch channeling King Koopa in a custom made Givenchy with spikes.

Justin Timberlake in Tom Ford. He’s been looking….different these days. Maybe it’s the hair.

Jennifer Lopez also said EFF THE BAN and wowed in a revealing Anthony Vaccarello dress.

My boyfriend Jack White, who may or may not be dead, but he definitely looked good in his suit.

Taylor Swift in a grecian style white dress. At least it wasn’t sparkly.

Wiz Khalifa also wore Tom Ford as he arrived with his very pregnant fiance Amber Rose who squeezed herself into a Donna Karan dress.

Carrie Underwood‘s black Roberto Cavalli was a little boring, but she made up for it with that light up dress on stage.

The men of Maroon 5, all in black.

Rihanna‘s nips peeked through her red Azzedine Alaia, but we didn’t mind.

Mermaid fairy Kimbra wore Australian designer Jaime Lee Major.

Janelle Monae, always fly in a suit.

Frank Ocean actually smiled on the red carpet. It was his first Grammys and he wore a custom Band of Outsiders suit.

Oh Adele. It’s great that she wore color, and it’s Valentino! It’s not great that it looks like she stripped an old couch Scarlett O’Hara-style.

One of my other boyfriends, Mr. 2 Chainz. His whole look is everything I never knew I wanted.

Portia, Ellen and Katy’s Boobs

I guess we know who Ellen was most impressed with…how ’bout y’all?

I Think Taylor Swift Got Some New Boobies


Remember when Taylor Swift was more waifish? Sure, she was a young, tall, gawky weirdo stumbling around on her giant boat-feet a couple of years ago, but she still is.  Only two things have really changed.

A plastic surgeon, who has never treated Swift, claims the singer has gone from an A cup to a B cup. 

“You can see the implants,” Dr. Michael Fiorillo told the magazine after looking at a photo of Swift from the People’s Choice Awards.

I say TayTay got her first new set.  I predict that over the next 15 years (along with 6-9 marriages and twice as many homes purchased), we’ll see quite a few changes on Tay’s body/face/bum.

Tick tock, y’all.


Kanye traded BALD for BOOBIES and ARSE.

By: Cate K.

Seriously? Size JJ-cup for JUMBO.

Meet Kanye West’s new squeeze. Shay has two big assets going for her -and they don’t include her intelligence and sense of humour. (Is something a but off with one of her eyes?)

The trash-talkin’ rapper broke up with Glamzilla girlfriend Amber Rose last month and reportedly paid her a big chunk o’cash (in the seven-figure range) to keep quiet about their relationship.

Kanye and Amber Rose

Now Kanye’s gone done and found himself a new gal. The Kenyan-born, British-based Shay is described as a “glamour model”, which, if memory serves correct, is what Brits calls the fine gals who appear on Page 3 of The Sun. Oh, and she’s already been in a (rather awful) hip-hop video.

Not only does Shay work with kids (eyeroll), but she insists she hasn’t had any extra surgical help with her… assets. (Really? Then how come they stand at attention even when you’re lying on your back?)

Kanye and Shay...

Every single report is deeming it necessary to list her measurements (cue male drool at the mention of the double-J cup), though it strikes me that they’re probably not quite accurate. Really boys, it’s only a 26-inch waist with Photoshop in the room, and that ain’t sour grapes, either; it’s the general rule for most glamour model photography.

DOUBLE J-CUP? What about that booty? I cuold serve Christmas Dinner on that thang.

Still, good on the ever-fashion-conscious Kanye for choosing someone who is clearly… not thin, but rather, lush, full, and looks like she regularly kills platefuls of chips down at the pub.

Not gonna hate.

Now she’ll be able to eat lots of chips –gold-plated ones. Right?