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Jared Leto got rid of the MOhawk, but…

Honestly, Jared. AGE ALREADY!!

I say GOTdaaayum. Jared got rid of the stupid pink (then blonde for a second) MOhawk, but now, we’re dealing with his hot self from Fight Club.  I normally say Fight Club is in my Top 5 of All-Time, but I think it’s actually Top 3.  FYI.

Seriously, though?  Jared needs to freaking AGE ALREADY, or I really am going to think there’s a painting in the attic that’s aging FOR HIM.  How is this even possible without selling one’s soul to the Devil?  JARED LETO WILL BE 40 YEARS OLD DECEMBER 26, 2010. (Yes, that called for all CAPS, thanks, Kanye!)  In the business he is in…music, acting…there’s no way he can age this gracefully–and actually have to resort to “fighting the pretty” most of the time, forpitysake.

"Angelface" from "Fight Club"



Better be careful, “Angelface”. Just kidding…we wouldn’t have our Leto any other way. BEAUTIFUL. Not destroyed.