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Today’s Blind Item Is Making Me Nervous and Sad


via CDAN:

This A-List singer is fighting for his life and losing the battle. No matter what treatments he tries and no matter what he does to try and improve, things don’t. Everyone is shocked that he has a chance to make it through 2012.

Oh dear.  We’ve written about one great singer who’s been sick a lot over the past few years.  I think with all of his problems, he is still and will always be considered A-List.

Oh, and just a heads up: If I’m wrong about this and it turns out to be David Bowie, expect me to fall into the black abyss.

Today’s Blind Item – DWTS Break-up/Hook-up Edition


This guest of a contestant was back last night because the woman he was cheating on with while he was with the contestant dumped him. So, he ran back to the woman he dumped because he was dumped. The contestant had no idea. Well, maybe now she will if she reads this.

via CDaN

Yes. I watch DWTS out of the corner of my eye, okay? FINE!  Anyway…there was a dude who got a lot of face-time in the audience watching his ex…or current and SOON-to-be ex again last night.

Today’s Blind Item – DWTS RAGE Edition!!!

“WHICH current “Dancing with the Stars” contestant has such a bad temper that producers fear he could blow a gasket at any time? Producers have taken special precautions and hired an on-set psychiatrist to make sure the wannabe hoofer doesn’t lose it on stage!!”

via CDAN

Daaaaaang.  “Wannabe hoofer”.  So it’s not that pompous Maks, since he’s one of the Pros.  Just PLEASE don’t be Chaz!!