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‘The Voice’ Recap, Which Two Of Our Favorites Got The Boot?


All of the remaining contestants on ‘The Voice’ are awesome and deserve to win, I don’t say that often, so no matter who was sent home it would be a loss. The show kicked off with a stellar performance from Ne-Yo featuring Amanda Brown on “Let Me Love You.” 

It’s been interesting to watch her transformation on the show. When she first auditioned she looked very “Churchy,” but has blossomed into a sexy, rock goddess who proves to be quite versatile doing a pop/r&b duet.


There were some good duets between the contestants. Terry McDermott and Trevin Hunte sang “Feel Again” by OneRepublic.  Later Trevin joined Nicholas David and guests Matchbox 20 for their latest “Overjoyed.” 

Definitely the best sounding duet was between Amanda and Cassadee Pope on Kelly Clarkson’s “Breakaway” but Nicholas and Melanie Martinez sounded pretty cool on Fiona Apple‘s “Criminal.” This is something I would have liked to hear Melanie do solo if she were to stick around in the competition…

Unfortunately, she won’t. Both Melanie and Amanda were sent home in a baffling decision, which left Adam Levine without a team.


Again, all the singers left are amazing in their own right and I really didn’t want to see anyone go home, but I especially loved Amanda’s voice and style. Something tells me one of the coaches was pleased to see this go down.

So are you happy with the decision? Which singers did you want to see go home instead? Let us know!

‘The Voice’ Recap, The Top 6 Perform – Christina Sneers and Coughs


For Monday night’s ‘The Voice,’ the contestants would be sang two songs, one chosen by their coaches and the another they picked for themselves. There were great performances all around tonight and at this point it’s anyone’s game. BlakeCee Lo and Adam of course all still have team members in the competition, which meant there could be a chance to see Christina get a little salty that she was the lone coach without someone to actually coach!

Nicholas David sang “September” by Earth Wind & Fire.  I like when he does more upbeat stuff and this one wasn’t too fast for him. I really liked his whole stage set-up, it was very Soul Train. Blake told him that he still feels dumb for not turning for him, and Adam wanted him to sing more of the chorus , which he kind of left up to the background singers. It was still a great performance and a fun way to kick off the show.

Nicholas also got to close out the show with “Somewhere Over The Rainbow.” During rehearsals I didn’t really like the way he was going with it and the dude from Train (Cee Lo was out sick) asked him to put more of the original melody into it. This was a very emotional performance and I especially loved the ending. While Nick and the other contestants did their songs with some great staging, this was just him up there behind the piano and I loved it.

Cassadee Pope sang “Stand” by Rascal Flatts. Blake gave her this after she sang with the band, and this reminded me of when he started giving Jermaine Paul more Country songs to sing last season. Which means he thinks she’s his best bet for winning this thing. Cassadee rocked this performance and the notes toward the end were incredibly good. Christina said that she “won her over,” finally I guess. Adam wants to see something different from her, but her coach just wants her to keep doing her thing. That is obviously working for her.

Cassadee called “I’m With You” by Avril Lavigne her dream song. Cassadee knows how to pick songs that perfectly fit her style and voice, and frankly she’s a better singer than Lavigne. So it was another stellar performance from her and I think this worked even better than her first one.

Amanda Brown chose “You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman.” I was more than excited to hear her sing this and she did not disappoint. I wish it had gotten to the bigger parts of the song a little faster, and I loved the chorus of women singing along with her. Blake said that she was a “world class singer,” and Cee Lo made an odd comment about how he “loves and appreciates all women.” We’re sure you do, Cee! Christina was skipped over, thankfully, but she still got a couple of coughs in there while Adam was speaking.  Mmmhmm.

The song that Adam picked for Amanda was “Here I Go Again.” She would have no problem with this one and I always love it when she shows off her rock side. That red, leather suit was pretty hot too.

Terry McDermott sang “I Want To Know What Love Is” which Blake had him strip down and sing with just the piano. I think it was better for him to do something like this because as he said, “there is nowhere to hide” when you sing a song this way. I agree that Terry always does sound effortless and this may have elevated him in the competition a bit.

His second song was “Stay With Me” by Rod Stewart which he said he felt at home singing. Well he certainly has a Rod Stewart quality to his voice. This was a much more rockin’ performance and he was so in his element.

Trevin Hunte was curiously given “Walking On Sunshine” and I just thought nooooooo! I knew he would make it sound good but I really just hated this song choice. His dancing with the band was cute and you could tell he was having fun. I think I would have liked it more if they had made it a bit more…jazzy. The coaches praised him though, I just wish there had been a little more to it but it wasn’t as bad as when he did “Scream.” 

The song he chose for himself was much better, “And I Am Telling You I’m Not Going.” I hate to say it, but there was something missing here for me. I thought he kind of rushed to get to those last notes which are the biggest in the song. Overall it was great, and the coaches loved it. Blake called it a “two minute moment” while his coach had a moment of silence to mourn the loss of the other contestants. Bold, but I loved it!

Melanie Martinez sang Gnarls Barkley‘s “Crazy,” sporting some new blue hair.  It really works for her and I feel like the only person she really had to impress here was Cee Lo who loved it. I didn’t really hear any pitchiness from her, but she usually knows how to safely stay in her range.

Adam gave her “The Show” by Lenka, a great choice for her voice. He wanted to get her out of the “somber” mood she always seems to be in during her performances. So there was no fog or mannequin’s for this one, just her in a cartoon park. It was pretty cute without going into corny territory but it got a little boring towards the end. While Adam and Xtina traded blows, Cee Lo said that he actually liked the colorful set up. Well, it is Cee Lo.

Which contestant did you think did the best, and which two do you think are going home? You can vote for your favorite on Facebook or download their singles on iTunes!