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Lenny Kravitz Set To Play Marvin Gaye In Biopic

Lenny Kravitz


According to London’s Evening Standard, a film based on the life and career of Marvin Gaye is being made with Lenny Kravitz starring as the Motown crooner. The film is being directed by Julien Temple who directed the filmAbsolute Beginners’ with David Bowie and worked on several projects about the Sex Pistols


The Late Marvin Gaye

The movie doesn’t have a title yet, but it focuses on the final years of Gaye’s life which he spent in London battling an alcohol addiction and dodging the tax man and being rescued by music promoter Freddy Cousaert, who brought him to his flat in Ostend, Belgium to recover and get his life back on track.

This would be Kravitz’s first starring role, but he he made he has made big screen appearances in ‘Precious’ and ‘The Hunger Games’. Janis Gaye, the singer’s second and last wife, has said she feels “very sceptical” [sic] about the project. I’m very “sceptical” about it as well. Hey guys, I learned a new word today!

Ah, here we go again. Why not make a proper movie about Marvin’s life and have the approval of his family? Doesn’t he deserve that? Jimi Hendrix and Nina Simone do, but they certainly aren’t getting it and it doesn’t seem that Marvin will, either.

Casting News: Jane Fonda Returns to TV & A Search for James Brown

Jane Fonda


After a guest starring role in HBO’s The Newsroom Jane Fonda is returning to TV.  The project, currently titled Now What? by Abby Gewanter (Pushing Up Daisies) is for ABC and will cast the First Lady of Aerobics as a 1/2 of a cantankerous mother/daughter duo.

Let’s hope it fares better than $hi+ My Dad Says, which I thought aired a handful of episodes, but was in fact on for 18.

The James Brown Biopic to be produced by Mick Jagger

Moving to the big screen, Deadline reports that a big screen treatment of James Brown is in the works.

The film will follow the singer from his impoverished beginnings  in rural Georgia to the height of his global super stardom. As opposed to other biopics (Nina Simone, Jimi Hendrix) the Brown Family is on board. Let’s be glad that fractured bunch can agree on something!

Written by Jez and John-Henry Butterworth (Fair Game), Brian Grazer and Mick Jagger will lend star and industry power while Tate Taylor (The Help) direct.

With the behind the scenes pieces in place, the big challenge will be finding an actor with the charisma to convince audiences he is The Godfather of Soul.

Eddie Murphy’s James Brown days on SNL, were long ago. But he was said to have been very disappointed by his 2007 Academy Award loss for Dreamgirls, so maybe he will lobby for the role in hopes of Oscar glory. Usher is another possibility…

Who do you think should play James Brown?

‘Hitchcock’ Movie Trailer And Poster


You’ll be getting twice the Alfred Hitchcock fix this year. HBO has it’s movie ‘The Girl‘ premiering later this month, and now we have a look at ‘Hitchcock,’ another biopic starring Anthony Hopkins as the auteur.

ScarJo as Janet Leigh

Hopkins bares an uncanny resemblance to Hitchcock with the help of some well done prosthetics. The movie also stars Scarlett Johansson as Janet Leigh, the star of ‘Psycho‘ and she seems to do the infamous shower scene justice. Toni Collette plays Hitchcock’s assistant and the always amazing Helen Mirren plays his wife, Alma Reville.

Both movies explore his relationships with his leading ladies, some of whom he was obsessed with, and points to the director being something of a sexual deviant. ‘Hitchcock‘ has the bigger cast and is already getting Oscar buzz, but I can’t wait to see and compare both.

Hitchcock’ will be in theaters November 23rd.