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Beyonce’s Tour Rider ‘Demands’ – Not That Unreasonable

Bey in Marc Bouwer
Bey in Marc Bouwer


Everyone (via InTouch Magazine) is going ape-shit over what is supposedly, Mrs. Carter’s “diva-ish” tour demands. Take a look and then we’ll chat.

via InTouchWeekly.com:



Really? I don’t find ANY of those requests unreasonable.  I’ve seen far worse: Katy Perry, anyone? She had a 45 page rider demand. JLo? Come ON.  Bey also wants her dressing rooms to be babyproofed for her daughter, Blue Ivy.  How is that unreasonable?  I don’t see a problem with requesting clean, white towels, a tablecloth or SOAP, either.  To me, the white furniture ensures that it is somewhat CLEAN, and not leftover from groupie-sex at last night’s One Direction show. Ew.


Yes. ALL of this would be in MY rider.
Yes. ALL of this would be in MY rider.


One more thing:  If I were in Beyonce’s position, I’d request Jo Malone candles, as well. (I wear a Jo Malone fragrance–White Jasmine & Mint.  So THAT would be my candle choice.)  So yeah, if anyone’s looking for a Christmas present idea for me, there you go! Heh.


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I see nothing wrong with this whatsover. 


Photo: NZHouse&Garden

So. All the Divas want Jo Malone candles and white furniture. Big deal, man.